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  1. That shouldn't be a great idea, as well there would be alot of lag, it would be good if it were 5000 as limit
  2. That's an option too, but players doenst really help about this.
  3. I searched a bit, and SS is not for PC, I'm very sorry about this.
  4. It's looks like a good idea, hope this gets implemented on future updates
  5. That it's correct, I don't really know how we can make guns whit our Bare hands lol
  6. I really agree whit you, but the players can still build inside of u base or cover it whit ladders
  7. PotatoGuy13


    That's a good idea, I also wanted airdrops in the game, but it won't contain much as tho there aren't many things in the game
  8. I totally agree whit you, but the map inst to big for so many things
  9. I don't think that would happen. First of all the game wouldn't handle so many players 2 the servers would be full of hackers 3 The Map size inst enough for that many players!
  10. I agree whit you, consider waiting for the new updates
  11. @Kaboom Considering the map size i don't think much tho, consider waiting for the next updates
  12. @Wendlel this problem is very common and it's planned to be fixed on the next update, please be patient. Note: When you make a world and get stuff it will be saved on the world u made, if u join in another world and go back to it won't be saved, so I recommend u don't make a server if u gonna join another
  13. Well it's been at almost 1 year since last update, most of the people are quitting SS and waiting for the next update, for me when should stay patient and wait.
  14. They should be working very hard for the next update, we should be patient and wait. Also where did that discord came from
  15. @Arthur They are recently working very hard on the new update, we should be patient and wait