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Everyday now Sandbox 3D is facing more of the old players leaving and more intelligence for the average Player is dropping at a rapid pace. Occasionally there will be a crap ton of servers but there is no intelligent life in 95% of them. Back before the third update or multiplayer shutdown the game was booming but now with the no name changing thing and half the time not being able to delete or build anything is making SB3D go off the deep end. When those SRS guys popped up, including those new guys I mentioned left after about a day/1 week and the last hope for the game to actually become a better place is looking slim. I mean of course some clans in the past were absolutely RETARDED but at this point this game needs some kind of power or something to stop the current crisis and manage this mess out. I'm not throwing ideas out or anything but it is agreeable that something should be done. But what? Obviously if a clan were made it is highly possible that either an old clan like the Nazi's or SRS would come back to declare war, but options are kind of limited. 

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