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-The game lacks a bit of strengthening the building, e.g. rebuild a wooden wall into a stone and then steel -It would be interesting if explosives could be made of gunpowder, they could be destroyed, for example, stone and steel walls -You could add edible plants, e.g. berries - could be steel armor, and bulletproof vests made of steel and leather, for example - weapon tuning parts, e.g. collimator silencers They could be made on a special table together with the rest of the weapons and you could add a few weapons, for example a crossbow, tec9 would also be interesting cassettes because I have never seen a brass knuckle in the survival game - you could add a fishing rod because it is an island and there is plenty of water - you can add backpacks, reduce the initial inventory by 12 slots then the backpack would add 18 slots - you could add wolves, you could tame them with dice or meat, protect the player from other players who would attack him - the size of the buttons can be adjusted - the ability to create your own character That's it, I hope that I gave new ideas for further updates, the game you create has really great potential thank you if you add these things to the game

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