The game has no future!

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There is no progress towards cheaters, there is no anti-cheat!

The other day you came to your senses and hired a moderator who works very slowly. What is the reason I cant understand?

I am playing this game in 2021, I am already an old man who has passed everything in your game. And over these two years, I been waiting for only one thing - it either that you recruit good guys to your team who will just track down and review complaints about cheaters! Or I, even no, everyone was waiting - this is a normal anti-cheat that simply does not exist, I still run cheaters with a speedhack and aim.

Why not do what everyone in the game wants. And more and more new players in the game will immediately turn to you.

Well, it really a good idea to hire moderators who will monitor the game. But for some reason you dont want that(

I hope the developer will read this post and make a conclusion. 😊

@Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev

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I downloaded this game after few weeks i deleted. fixed my settigns and as soon as i join the game not even i minute a hacker was rushing in my direction....... disconnected and deleted again.

just cant make this up.

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