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Found 8 results

  1. Jonnу


    Why can't I log into the server question?
  2. There is no progress towards cheaters, there is no anti-cheat! The other day you came to your senses and hired a moderator who works very slowly. What is the reason I cant understand? I am playing this game in 2021, I am already an old man who has passed everything in your game. And over these two years, I been waiting for only one thing - it either that you recruit good guys to your team who will just track down and review complaints about cheaters! Or I, even no, everyone was waiting - this is a normal anti-cheat that simply does not exist, I still run cheaters with a speedhack and aim. Why not do what everyone in the game wants. And more and more new players in the game will immediately turn to you. Well, it really a good idea to hire moderators who will monitor the game. But for some reason you dont want that( I hope the developer will read this post and make a conclusion. 😊 @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  3. 30D5B4B97EA7C62C 7A6FED1AD3CE7748 SpeedHack, AimBot, JumpHack
  4. Hi this guy can get into bases witch is wall hack and aimbot pls i got it on video
  5. 2 guys using bug with foundation
  6. Hello, I'm a player of the eight European server. My name is "Орех Кокос" and I would like to suggest doing some kind of free server moderation because sometimes anti-cheat and complaints are not enough. This will help to simplify the game for ordinary players and get rid of cheaters and bad vocabulary. If there are mistakes, please forgive me, as I translated through a translator. I hope that the developers will see my idea. ?
  7. I was wondering if I could apply for admin on a certain server where would I find the applications and how would I send it