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How to stop hackers

What should be in the next update  

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  1. 1. Which is best

    • Longer word limit in name
    • Ban all symbols in names

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Hackers can be really annoying and sometimes are the main cause of progress loss. But, what can be done to prevent this?

In my existance, I have though of a few solutions. Personally I believe that we should make areas that can't be humanly reached kick the entity that reaches it. For example, increase the height limit, make helicopters impossible to reach the limit and kick anything that reaches that position. That way, if hackers super jump in the height limit, they will be kicked.

More realistically though, it would be best to add this change to speed. What I'm saying is that if we reach a certain amount of speed while not being in a car that can't be reached without hacks, then the player will be kicked.

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