Ideas for new updates [+]

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Account System: make it so that you have to sign up or login into account. will help a lot...

Freinds System: the ability to give people a friend request, mabye a certain max amount of freinds you can have, a freinds list where it shows how many you have and their username. And a private friend chat.

• Group System: gives players the option to create their own group / clan. But maybe make it cost a certain amount of ingame currency. Mabye add roles or ranks. Will make things more organized.

• Server Admin: gives server owners the ability to give some players admin, we’re they can kick people.

Trade System: gives players the option to donate / drop any amount of ingame cash or diamonds. Would be pretty cool.

• Medkits / Healing: Put medkits somewhere in the shop. Ability to heal your self or others.

• Weapons: I know a lot of people are asking for AK47s and things like that. But mabye replace the default pistol with fists / punching as the default and sell all the guns in the gun shop and also add melee weapons like knife, baseball bat ect.

• Airplanes: Add different types planes like small ones and then bigger airplanes. Mabye some fast jets.

• Vehicles: add some new vehicles, military ones. Like that truck at the military base map. Mabye tanks and military helicopters / planes. A gun mount would be cool ( Ability to add a gun on any vehicle)

• New Props / Building: Some new props and furniture would be cool. Mabye new building stuff.

• New Maps: Add some new maps like a forest, more cities, an airport.ect.

• New Avatars: Add some new avatars. mabye also make it so you can spawn ragdolls.

NPCs: The ability to spawn NPCs ingame. Some ideas I have are a soldier NPC, robot NPC, Zombies, and mabye just a bot that dose commands. NPC Spawner.

• Artillery: Mabye you can also add artillery to the weapon shop like gernades and missile launchers, cannons, dynamite, bombs, fireworks, explosive barrels, Things like that.


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I agree whit u in the friend/group/account, system but I don't think that a trading system would be that good cuz uknow peopple will try to scam you tho.

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