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  1. You should be able to send a clip when creating a post. Make sure the file size is below 48.83MB otherwise it will not be able to send through. Refer to the image I include with this post to make things more clear for you. I hope this helps! Kind regards, Survivor
  2. Hi there, My question is, where can you find water to drink? I am reviewing your game and I am going to suggest ideas and report errors. Thank you for your hard work as always! Sincerely, Survivor
  3. Is it going to release on the app store too?
  4. survivor is a very good member of the forum. thank you for helping ?

  5. Hi there, What are your thoughts on the new update? In the first photo, there seems to be a wardrobe, maybe to change our character's appearance? In the last photo, there seems to be a cash register, maybe to purchase goods from other players? If you take a look in the top-left, they have included something about building. Let me know your thoughts by replying to this post. If you haven't seen the new photos of the update, I am going to provide them here; Sincerely, Survivor
  6. Survivor

    Block Limit

    It has been almost a year since the last update. When are you going to release the update?
  7. Agreed, the modified files of the game need to be dealt with, it's starting to get out of control.
  8. @MJ78 Thanks for your solution, this should help other players.
  9. Yes, the developers have not been responding to people in the forums for a while now. One of the developers stated that they would release the update before next year.
  10. Hi there, The developers are aware of this problem. It is to be hoped that it would be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Survivor
  11. Yes, but the developers are inactive and I doubt there would be an update. Anyways, keep it up.
  12. Same, I hope they raise the limit for Survival Simulator too. It's been too long since an update.
  13. Survivor

    Block Limit

    @Catsbit.Dev Thanks for responding. Is this update going to prevent hackers within Survival Simulator?
  14. Hi there, If I had to assume, I think the coding and models are borrowed from another source in order to create Survival Simulator. Not sure if the developers made their own code for the game or if they just used another source as a base for their code. Anyways, interesting topic it should help the developers of the game to improve. Best Regards, Survivor