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• Account System: Players must create an account, or login. (With all their stuff saved) would be very helpful.

• Friend System: Gives players the option to send a friend request to others. Have a list of freinds that shows their usernames and how many you have, mabye a max amount. Also a private friend chat.

• Group System: Gives players the ability to make their own groups / clans. Roles or ranks would be useful. Also an ability to make icons or flags would be cool.

• Server Admin: Gives server owners the ability to give out admin to a player, admin abilities such as kicking and muting.

Banning: Gives server owners the option to ban players from entering their server.

Donation System: Gives players the option to drop / donate ingame currencies. This can be used for hiring hit man, guards or private militia.

• Medkits / Healing: A Medkit Item that heals yourself or others.

• Weapons: replace the default pistol with fists. Sell all the guns in the shop for example, all the melee weapons like knifes and baseball bats are cheap, and then the smaller guns like the pistols and sub machine guns, and then bigger guns like shotguns and rifles, mabye even explosive barrels, gernades, missile launchers (ect.

• Maps: Make some Maps like new cities and forests.

• New Props: Add new props like furniture, building materials and sandbags.

• Gun Mount: Ability to place a gun on a vehicle.

• New Vehicles: Add some new vehicles such as military ones for example, that army truck thing on the military base map. tanks or combat helicopters would be good to.

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