english translation of a suggestion in russian by "Vadim."

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NOTE: these suggestions are by user "vadim" but were in russian. I used google translate on them, something mose of you are probably unwilling to do considering its first appearance. 


suggestion is as following:


Hello, the game is not bad, but there are many disadvantages:

1. Do not block doors. Could add a lock or the ability to close the door with a board; 

2. Chests who want to open;

3. Poor archery. There is no sight when aiming at a target;

4. You can not add people to friends (parties). This is necessary so that outsiders do not enter the house;

5. Wooden structures are easily broken with weapons;

6. There is no hand-to-hand and you cannot hit with a spear in the vicinity;

7. Endurance ends quickly;

8. The automatic turning on of the light of the chandelier at night cannot be turned off.

There are also many cracks in the built house. All movements around the house are known, including light. 

Stakes are the only defenses in the game. Do not inflict any damage on opponents. Due to the fact that they are small, it is easy to jump over them. 

Ammo is endless in the game

Fix it all up somehow please

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