problem concerning the deletion of maps

wrong map  

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  1. 1. do you ever delete the wrong map?

    • yes I have
    • no I have not

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more times than I would like, I have overwritten the wrong map.


Half the time It was just because I was going too fast.

But the other half was caused by the fact that, there is no way of knowing witch map you have selected for deletion,


The prompt just asks you…

“Do you really want to overwrite this map?”

What map?!?


How on earth, can a person with a small screen be sure he hasn’t pressed the wrong button…

Answer: He can’t!


Witch is why I think you should include the name of the selected map, in the prompt.


Something like this…1513980764_Group44.thumb.png.db7d07a71142eb1e8f81ccff9ccd04a8.png

the word overwrite is in red and in "" because it can be replaced with the word delete when needed.




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