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It would be awesome to have more than 2 helicopters, I think we should have something like the UH-60 Blackhawk, or the AH-64 Apache helicopter with a working 30 mm machine gun (probably need to nerf it to make it somewhat fair). Also, can you make some helicopters have multiple seating, that would be cool.

As far as land vehicles, could we get the Humvee with the mounted machine gun, you would need a second player for the roof gun.

Maybe a tank too, like the M1 Abrams, being able to crash through walls and other smaller things sounds so fun to do.

Of course you could add other vehicles too, but the ones I listed are the ones that stuck out to me,

I'm pretty sure these would be pretty expensive in the shop though, but I think it would be worth it all

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Also, can there be vehicle health? Other players hide in cars when they're being shot at then they get out and shoot you, and then get in when you try to shoot them, and then they get out and shoot till you're dead. I think having a different amount of health per vehicle would be best (I'm trying think about this in a logical way and you don't have to do it to the exact).

The list of HP per vehicle (only the starter cars and some other stuff and the stuff that I brought up):

SUV: ~250 HP

Truck: ~200 HP

Cop car: ~350 HP

The classic cars (both): ~200 HP

hatchback: ~150 HP

Bus: ~400 HP

Motorcycles: ~80-100 HP

News helicopter: ~450  HP

Police helicopter: ~700 HP

UH-60: ~1000 HP

AH-64: ~1300 HP, the 30mm machine gun should do ~45 DP per bullet and have a RPM of ~1000 (and that's nerfed)

M1 Abrams: ~2000 HP, the DP of the turret should be ~650 DP and an extra 200 DP for expensive ammo (of you wanna do that).

HUMVEE: ~1000 HP, the roof mounted gun should do about 20 DP per bullet and shoot ~400 rounds per minute.


Ok I know I only said anything about vehicles but I think the walls and stuff should have some HP so you can shoot them down or run through them with a tank (or car but not likely to break the wall before the vehicle).

Big building parts: ~500 HP

Small building parts: ~250 HP

Furniture: 10-100 HP depending on size.


If you want a full list you can tell me and I'll get on it.


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Wow thats a prety idea and i think he dont update the SANDBOX 3D the costom guns pretty long and why?

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