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  1. Kit


    Hi all player have cousin or brother playing this game so make party that you can add people you can trust and that way they can open key lock i know theres code lock and hey add big chest small chest that you can put key lock and helpin system? After getting knock out your team can revive you and can you add more stuff for recycling and add vehicle but free like skateboard that cost 100 scrap 50 wood 50 metal and 5 planks the speed is double of running speed thats all
  2. Kit


    Dear catsbit 1month and 1 week passed the update still not out im hoping on NEXT MONTH THERES THE UPDATE and i know we know your getting annoyed about us so its not bad if we see leak's right so we can wait and exite if your makong the game update and us killed by rpg thats suck so plss tell us a news about the game update.
  3. Kit


    Dear catsbit how many developer your holding? 2 or 3? And if the gun damahe broken plss disable the guns only bow spear like that so hacker dont use rocket temporary only not forever remove guns for now until the bug fix so hacker be damn quit
  4. Imagine long time suggestion not get notice
  5. Only official like paying for server so server will not gonna be much like $50.00 for server public private how about that?
  6. Bro its 1 month passed but the not on the request on google to remove guest not only the bug there working on there working on all of the bug just be patient cuz if you keep spamming saying the bug nothing will happened your like annoying just wait.
  7. Kit

    US Server 1

    I think its a sign of update like the 0.3.5 all server wipe like this hahahah
  8. Kit

    Just a few words

    Can you say to us what time,date,month,year for the update so we are getting excited!
  10. Kit

    Server wipe

    Yeah i know bro
  11. Kit

    Catsbit yt channel

    Yes like that its your choice tho no ads no money i know its not about the money but its about the game but all game have trailer we want trailer so everybody see the game and its gonna be more people on the game
  12. Kit

    Old version

    Can we get an copy of old version of oxide:survival island cuz damage bug suck jist asking?