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  1. Yep need this to the game sleeping after disconnecting and the body will dissapear in a week so the server will not lag you know
  2. Kit


    Okay but its now like days now before catsbit say that willbe a release in this week its now 23 but catsbit say the update on sept 16 how longgg broo like an bug update but the the 0.3.5 update is faster that has many feature huh now tell us...
  3. Kit

    We are hiring!

    This need many things right like computer but best who got the job wish him luck!!
  4. Kit

    Update News

    Bring up the asia server too:)
  5. Kit

    Update News

    That means only bug fixed no any new like new item the skin like that only bug fixed?
  6. Kit

    New armor

    Metal is not added tho?
  7. Kit


  8. Bigger map is completed no need for new guns the stucture is needed for the game and roof lol
  9. Triangle is the only one we need for honey comb lol
  10. Kit

    Here some suggestions

    Okay so any leaks for the update maybe some pic of new item new stucture if its not allowed its okay but im happy playing this game over many people grinding and friendly people that betrayed u so many hacker will kill u but still fair like 25%hacker 25%toxic 25%friendly 25%unfriendly 100% fun game i will try to make mod menu oxide-survival island Real101% but it will blow ur cp/pc hahahahahah i wish i can program
  11. Right u bann them but they come back now u need something needed for banning so if the player is cheating and someone report him try to understand what devise and what android version and u can permanent banned for playing with hack when he open the game it say [You are banned] [Device name.device version]
  12. I dont know why cuz i shoot stone wall 1 rocket and i break it doesn't break the chest behind the wall???? I dont know