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Where or how do I submit a claim to get my money I paid into this game refunded there's been countless reports of speed hackers for weeks and weeks now the fact there's been no response from the dev team is ridiculous and so I want my money back I'm not supporting a inactive team of Devs I realize it's an alpha but at least talk to us and let the community know a smidge of what's going on in regards to this stuff and there hasn't ridiculous.

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On 2/10/2022 at 2:05 PM, xAnonyPowerZ said:


1• I'm sorry that you have problems with the cheaters.

2• the developers are working hard on the game. ( that's why I'm responding on the topic's)

3• refunding you money is not possible. ( I think ) 

4• there are alot of things that has to be fixt and this takes time. So atleast be happy they launched the game early so that we are able to play it atleast. 

5• You had fun playing before that's why you payed for the store items. And now that there are more cheaters is not a reason to quit the game. They only speed / fly hack. 

Pls make the next update about pvp 

Ak recoil and gyroscope, aim sensitivity, bandage

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