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  2. Hi there, Thanks for suggestions.
  3. Hi there, At the moment we do not plan to add back-up system. In our opinion, it will damage survival spirit of the game. Anyway thank you for an idea.
  4. Hi there, Please precise your smartphone model. Is there any error that occurs while getting resources? What particular resources disappeared?
  5. Hi there, For sure, we will add other items. And you personally, what would you like to see?
  6. Add more features pls like adding vehicles animals and travelling oceans and finding islands trees shovel and ect. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I've been playing your game for hours, and I absolutely love it. Although, I think it would be a great idea to back-up world saves. It would be interesting to see this feature come to the next update. Anyways, I find your game very interesting as well as fun to play. Here's a picture so I can give you guys an idea. Good-luck!
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  9. Can't get resources (like gathering woods) when I play sometimes but restarting the game solve the problem and some items disappear during the game and when I exit the game
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  12. Hi there, Thank you for writing! We have already found this bug. It needs to be fixed in the next upgrade!
  13. Hi there, For sure you can! Crafting guns requires ingredients that you can easily get. Usually it is metal fragment, logs and cloth. With what ingredient do you have problems?
  14. Catsbit.Care

    Voice Chat

    Hi there, Thanks for a suggestion. This idea is already taken into consideration.
  15. Hady

    Voice Chat

    In game FPS no one got time to chatting with keyboard in phones so it will be easy to make player communicate and speak with each other with Voice chat or something like that
  16. Why tf I respawn in someone is bed people making like jail and puting in middle it bed and why i make my own base and found people in my base because of f@*king bed
  17. Hi there It is coming very soon.
  18. Добрый день, А почему остальные баги не выдаете?)
  19. Добрый день, Благодарим за предложения. Надеемся их воплотить в следующем обновлении.
  20. Это не Баг,а предложение,куда надо.
  21. Здравствуйте, Есть 2 бага,которые я хочу рассказать. 1.Если подойти к машине и удалить её,то значок "сесть в машину" не исчезает,и при нажатии не происходит ничего. 2.Если залезть на вышку и удалить ее,ты станешь летать. Я знаю еще несколько багов,но рассказывать о них не буду.
  22. Здравствуйте.Мои предложения: 1. Загрузка миров в оффлайне. 2. Отдельные настройки в мире- Выключение оружия,Бан. 3. Больше вещей,украшений для дома. 4.Добавьте отдельные вертолеты служб - новостной,военный,полицейский и т.д. 5. Лимит предметов- 1000 слишком мало!Нужно хотя-бы 5000. 6. Больше скинов. 7. Больше оружий. 8. Добавьте больше места для сообщения в чате,например,как сейчас и как может стать. Было:Э ты зачем сломал мой до.......... Стало:Эй,ты зачем мой дом сломал,я сейчас хоста скажу чтобы он тебя кикнул (ну например такая ситуация) Это все! С уважением, Динозавр
  23. Hi there, You are extremely right - multiplayer is one of the main advantages and attractions of the game. Bugs occurred with it should be fixed in the first instance. That's why thank you very much for clearly describing problems you faced. We will try to find a solution to them.
  24. Hi there, At the moment sulfur is missing in the game.
  25. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, Please write an email at
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