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  2. Mert Can


    When is the new Update coming? If you post photos and videos from Instagram and videos from Youtube, I would be very happy. I'm following
  3. Oh wrong forums my bad nvm forget what I said carry on
  4. Ok so ruin the game got it people will just spam report people they don’t agree with banning of any kind would kill the game
  5. Yesterday
  6. Try jumping off a hill til you die but I find using a bear or boar is the fastest, you'll respawn with a new stone hatchet. Drop everything in your backpack 1st in a spot you remember and is close to a respawn point, that way you're not starting over with nothing. Have fun! ~Loyal
  7. MJ78

    Lost items

    I just received word: Catsbit is back looking into fixing these problems. Won't be long til we see some updates, stay tuned! Have fun! ~Loyal
  8. MJ78

    Missing items

    Hey guys.. I've found a trick that seems to work- before you leave the game, make sure something is cooking on fire or in furnace. Then when you exit game, choose "EXIT" to close the game down, NOT "Leave room." I've had houses and full chests last months without disappearing. Have fun! ~Loyal
  9. I received an update from a Catsbit admin recently. Great news- they are in fact working on an update that apparently is going to be released soon. There was no mention of hacker-fixes but it's awesome to know that they are indeed reading our posts and working to fix the issues. Suppose we'll just have to put up with all these modded players til they work it out. ~ Loyal
  10. i agree whit you intention, of helping new players, but u are supposed to play the game. so u know how to play it
  11. Hi there, Mini map already exists in the game.
  12. Rafael this game really needs some updates like adding more items,fixing the movements,farming mechanics,mining mechanics,mini map,and other weapons like the Rust game in the PC This game has lot of potential and I really like it Please notice me senpai Rafael -myhz
  13. Sen anca serefzizlik yapmayi bilin
  14. Sil bakim senn ben seni elbet bulurummm kim oldunuuu
  15. You mean the hacks you use?
  16. Shadow fox


    Lol yea Alex you call me the evil Nazi and your an oppressive leader and a grammar Nazi pretty hypocritical if you ask me
  17. You ignored my question why are you defending a child molester also it changed its name to “vicidragon” and has 2 people helping it named jade and girl queen.
  18. I agree with all but banning you cannot simply have clans and banning it’s not like other games clan wars in sb3d are to make another group leave like a real war banning will just kill off clans forever and half of your game. ive been playing for about 2 years trust me you will lose a lot of the player base with banning being added
  19. You ignored my question why are you defending a child molester?
  20. Last week
  21. the game really needs an update and i agree
  22. Oh but most of nazi are big scrubs and like sex servers probably because it's the only place you can get it
  23. Hi there, Thank you so much! We appreciate very much the videos you upload. Suggestions are really useful! So, after we launch our new project, we get down to Sandbox 3D and make your ideas into reality.
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