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Found 16 results

  1. او مرا در سرور شماره 7 ایالات متحده کشت شناسه هکر 9A835DBD66D555FE لطفا تحریم کنید
  2. 1. 15EU 2. SPIDER MAN 3. 3E9B122E4F0FBE72 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  3. 1. 15EU 2. SPIDERMAN 3. 5F7813E0B8BAC607 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  4. 1. 15EU 2. SPIDERMAN 3. 3D804610BF7FD99A 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  5. 1. 21US 2. SPIDER MAN 3. E8A4FBD3A050F8EB 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  6. 1. 34EU 2. Spider Mod 3. 6457900D3C76A7AE 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  7. На 34EU сервере играет игрок 10 уровня использующий сторонний софт лазает по стенам SPIDER MAN и AIM KILL, его ID ID 7470D7B93997C2A3 прикладываю видеодоказательство PROOF @Catsbit.Guard прошу примите меры🙏
  8. Игрок FRIEZEmax, сервер EU#29, был забанен только вчера, сегодня продолжает играть и губить сервер. Разбанил сам себя с помощью чита. Прошу обратить большое внимание на этого игрока и данный сервер. Человек не даёт играть обычным игрокам вновь и вновь! ______________________________________ Player FRIEZEmax, server EU#29, was banned only yesterday, today he continues to play and destroy the server. He unbanned myself with the help of a cheat. Please pay great attention to this player and this server. Man does not allow ordinary players to play again and again! _______________________________________id : B0ED34B91880C954
  9. ID: 8007C5D0F4E2512B server: 86 This player kills me and all with speed hack and aim i report and all players 2 days non stop.
  10. I Was farming a little bit on server BR 0.3 oxide #3 and when I came back home I saw someone on the third floor ceeling from my base, I immediately started recording because that’s not how to get up there without cheat, and he notices me and jumps out, then jump back into the compound and deeped me, I trapped him and let him there for about an hour, and he simply started fly and got kicked, now he’s campin outside my house His Id: D71232C530E915F0
  11. Читер залез на дом без лестниц и вообще чего либо!
  12. id-EA6CA606B5672856 Name-Добрый Server-EU#11 This person used the Spiderman software, on the video you can see how he flew up the wall, there were no stairs, it was a cheat Video Evidence:
  13. lv_0_20230126225603.mp4 lv_0_20230126225413.mp4 lv_0_20230126225413.mp4
  14. climb on my house and stay on my roof and kill my friend! 755710B30B456733