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    Just like what @Catsbit.Care said. ----------------- New players Wants to enjoy their day playing the game for the first time. So of the Tools stay the same amount to research do 250 scrap in total to get both tools. ~ This will make sure the players will not quit the game on the first day. Or 2. Current players They know how hard it is to get to the second weapon if they have unlock the first 1. So they know new players cant be overpowered by 1/2 days so Less stress from them. About new players. OG players of this game they understand it. Why the research amount is high. To make sure the gameplay will be fair and gives everyone a chance to get far in the first week. (After wipe) The issue about killing newbies will decrease since Revolvers will take less dmg. Bases will stay longer since You can get metall doors/armoured doors will have more use to have. Since no one will have a rocket in the first day or 3. --------- Make a Bigger map (More space for everyone and this will also give you a option to add more scrap since there are more buildings around the map This will also help people farm since clans are far away This is nothing you have control over. Some people are toxic so they always play solo. Being nice and active in chat makes sure to meet new friends in the server. And not killing everyone you see helps also with it. This was all i had to say. Leave ur opinion below if you have more ideas for this issue about scrap ~ xAnonyPowerZ
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    Hello, I'd like to talk here a bit about research system and scrap farming, imo it should be rebalanced as soon as possible. First issue i have is farming scrap is extremely time consuming and there's only one way to get it, running around the map in circles looking for barrels to destroy. You get around 2-5 pieces of scrap per barrel, and you need literally hundreds of it to unlock even some basic stuff. As a fresh player on the server before u even unlock metal axe and pickaxe you need a whooping 150scrap! It's way too much! Not to mention good luck farming scrap to unlock something like a gun on a server full of players that already have firearms, its almost impossible, everytime i go ona run i end up killed by someone or just shot at. To unlock a revolver and ammo it uses you literally need hundreds, probably over 300scrap total if you include that u need to have a research table, research hammer then axe then revolver and then bullets. My suggestion for this problem would be either: -add more ways to farm scrap quicker. -lower the research cost on items or make barrels spawn more scrap than they spawn now. -introduce server wipe mechanics, like wipe all the servers every week or even every 5 days so big clans or just assholes cant terrorize everyone once they unlock their guns. -maybe something like reverse-engineering items system? For example if i find a revolver on someone's body i could go to the research table and reverse engineer it so i don't have to unlock it by just farming scrap. I got couple other ideas, but my main point is either make barells drop like twice the amount of scrap they are dropping now, cut the research cost on all items in half or add new ways to get scrap other than just barrels. Btw your game is pretty damn good and it improved a lot since it was released. I love to see your project growing and gaining player recognition. Good job guys!
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    Yeah I had back in the day the same idea maby its good to add a tutorial instand join server. But i think that will take alot of time.
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    Also, can there be vehicle health? Other players hide in cars when they're being shot at then they get out and shoot you, and then get in when you try to shoot them, and then they get out and shoot till you're dead. I think having a different amount of health per vehicle would be best (I'm trying think about this in a logical way and you don't have to do it to the exact). The list of HP per vehicle (only the starter cars and some other stuff and the stuff that I brought up): SUV: ~250 HP Truck: ~200 HP Cop car: ~350 HP The classic cars (both): ~200 HP hatchback: ~150 HP Bus: ~400 HP Motorcycles: ~80-100 HP News helicopter: ~450 HP Police helicopter: ~700 HP UH-60: ~1000 HP AH-64: ~1300 HP, the 30mm machine gun should do ~45 DP per bullet and have a RPM of ~1000 (and that's nerfed) M1 Abrams: ~2000 HP, the DP of the turret should be ~650 DP and an extra 200 DP for expensive ammo (of you wanna do that). HUMVEE: ~1000 HP, the roof mounted gun should do about 20 DP per bullet and shoot ~400 rounds per minute. Ok I know I only said anything about vehicles but I think the walls and stuff should have some HP so you can shoot them down or run through them with a tank (or car but not likely to break the wall before the vehicle). Big building parts: ~500 HP Small building parts: ~250 HP Furniture: 10-100 HP depending on size. If you want a full list you can tell me and I'll get on it.
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    Hi, @Multigatawny Thanks for starting this crucial topic. Well, the question of balance is always like double-edged sword. On the one side, newbies my be disencouraged by the amount of scrap they should get, dealing with pressure of other players. Here I see one more issue with big clans of players that capture the server and do not let others play - but that's another story.. On the other side, if it's too easy, it won't be about survival. Everybody will have easy access to weapons and it will ruin the game. I'm more inclined to agree with @xAnonyPowerZ opinion, but it needs still some thinking. I agree, maybe new sources of scrap are needed. But I think we shouldn't lower the research cost of items or increase the amount of scrap per barrel. The wipe topic is also controversial for me. Yes, i want to reduce the gap between elementary and advanced players. But i understand players who spend hours to build a huge base but one day it got reset.. Please share your opiinions
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    Add three-angle foundations and half walls. More firearm types.Sachel and c4.
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    Yeah so my opinion is as follow for scrap costs. • Revolver 200 & * Ammo 250 • Hunting rifle 400 & [ New type Ammo 7,62 ] 550 • Shotgun 250 & Shotgun shells 300 • Assault rifle 500 & Ammo 5,56 650 • RPG 700 & Rocket 1000 Unlock way of next Weapon You first need to unlock the weapon and the Ammo before you can research the next weapon. The reason for this is to make Assault rifle + Rifle and RPG the real End game weapons. Reason for high scrap costs? 1. Well the reason is as follow. This will make not only what I said above the reason but players will use more often the Revolver and Shotgun. 2.this will bring more use of both of the weapons. 3.Higher cost is just so that it will take longer to get the weapons. This is the option of mine. Decrease or increase the amount of the scrap is always a thing to talk about. Greetings xAnonyPowerZ @Catsbit.Care What's your opinion?
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    Hey guys. I understand all of your frustrations. But you all need fo understand if a fresh spawner can craft Pickaxes Axes they can fast grind for Scrap to get rifles ect. And build their way up to Rockets. My opinion is make the cost of rifles and Rockets higher or atleast the ammo for it. Since that's end goal items u going to use. You can get 150 scrap in a 30min run even less
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    Такая проблема, при установке замка я столкнулся с тем что меня кикает на главную страницу при установке обычного замка.
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    Nick: naosougringo Server: BR #2 Frases racistas: "clã de macacos" "tudo bando de preto fudido" Ele escreveu mais frases racistas, eu que só consegui tirar print destas. Gostaria que ele fosse banido, obrigado pela atenção! O Nick dele é "naosougringo". coloquei novamente agora porque bugou o nome depois da postagem. Estou editando.
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    It would be awesome to have more than 2 helicopters, I think we should have something like the UH-60 Blackhawk, or the AH-64 Apache helicopter with a working 30 mm machine gun (probably need to nerf it to make it somewhat fair). Also, can you make some helicopters have multiple seating, that would be cool. As far as land vehicles, could we get the Humvee with the mounted machine gun, you would need a second player for the roof gun. Maybe a tank too, like the M1 Abrams, being able to crash through walls and other smaller things sounds so fun to do. Of course you could add other vehicles too, but the ones I listed are the ones that stuck out to me, I'm pretty sure these would be pretty expensive in the shop though, but I think it would be worth it all