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    This is very true, Even doing something "simple" like fixing a bug, there is SOOO much you have to do, like find out what is causing the bug, wether that be a simple true/false event, or a big syntax error, and the more advanced the scripts are, the harder it might be to find that one "a" needed to be an "A". And adding new stuff like guns is difficult to do as well, because now you're trying to make a new model or find a gun model online that offers the license to use it for cheap or free, then you have to find sounds, animations, physics, variables (such as: ammo), raycasting, effects and test the crap out of it, you have to try and tackle it from all angles and make sure there aren't any bugs, you'd want to make sure it won't work when you hold down the fire button and press the aim button while holding the fire button and have to gun "auto shoot" or even try to press the fire button and then go home while holding the button, or the power button. But I can't help to feel like this whole thing could be an April fool's joke, but let's not think that and hope it was just a coincidence that they decided to try and update it near the beginning of April
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    I am not trying to be a dick here, but you should see him on discord, you would lose your mind.
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    UPD If you want to report a player for cheating/inappropriate language/etc, please turn on SHOW PLAYERS ID in settings; precise the player nickname&player id; precise the server this player is on; describe the report in detail; send a screenshot or video record. You can attach the record and share youtube video. If your record is long, please precise the timelines. * If you get a -200 error, it means that you record is too large. You can upload the record on youtube and share a link. ** When you attach a screenshot/record, the post stays in pending, it needs moderator approval. *** The reports have to be sent in the topic "Player reports". I do not consider them in private messages. **** If your report is approved but not answered, it means that you haven't accomplished all the requirements above or the cheating is not proved. ***** Please don't forget to report cheaters in the game., because the majority of cheaters are banned there everyday! Thanks in advance for assistance! RU Если вы хотите пожать жалобу, убедитесь, что: вы включили SHOW PLAYERS ID в настройках; уточнили никнейм и id игрока; уточнили сервер, на котором играет читер; описали суть жалобы; приложили доказательства (видео-запись). * Если при добавлении видео на форум, у вас появляется ошибка -200 error, пожалуйста, загрузите видео на youtube и приложите ссылку в вашу жалобу. ** Ваша жалоба должна будет пройти проверку модератором. *** Все жалобы только в раздел Жалобы на читеров. В личных сообщениях мы их не рассматриваем! **** Если ваша жалобы одобрена, но осталась без ответа, это значит, что вы не выполнили условия, описанные выше, или читерство не доказано. ***** Не забывайте подавать жалобы на игроков в самой игре, так как бОльшее количество игроков банится именно там. Спасибо за помощь!
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    [EN] Hi, I know that all the servers are full with cheaters. We keep working on the anticheat system But until it's done, please save our time, send screenshots or video records that can prove that the players are cheating At the moment this it the only chance to get them banned The reports without screenshots/records would remain unanswered UPD If you load a long record, please precise the timelines [RU] Добрый день всем, Мы знаем, что сейчас на всех серверах играет много читеров. Поэтому мы усиленно работаем над античитом. А пока что, пожалуйста, экономьте наше время, присылайте скриншоты или видео, подтверждающие, что игрок использует читы. На данный момент это единственный вариант, при котором читеры могут быть забанены. Жалобы без скриншотов/видео остануться без ответа. Обн: если вы загружаете длинное видео, пожалуйста, укажите тайм-код