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  1. Also rpg would kinda ruin the game
  2. Just like your parents about your life
  3. Alex9825

    Block Limit

    @Catsbit.Dev or @Catsbit.Care is a new update for sandbox 3d coming before 2021?
  4. @GlitchYeah the problem is, Catsbit Is struggling to Make so much in short time, since this game was hard to develop, i agree to your ideas, but the chat codes would be a bad thing, not hating.
  5. Dude i have a reason to take it seriously because of toxic people like you killing others with glitches, you are just an stupid fanboy of glitches.
  6. I play alot more than you do because i am not stuck in the old version
  7. Says a nazi, you are nothing in this game bruh.
  8. Alex9825


    I think it would be nice to get a bit of knockback after being shot.
  9. Hello, i wanted to ask if catsbit hates clans, if so then i will stop, i never knew if you hated them or not.
  10. There is a gun glitch, if you Go behind a player and aim,Shoot at them, you can kill them, you need the crosshair to be placed at a body part, then you can shoot from behind, it is not that important but a glitch that should be fixed.
  11. Did some research you know it exists, nevermind then.
  12. Hello again, There is a vehicle glitch, if you go in a car there is a chance you cant go out and need to rejoin, (Because you will have the buttons of the car on the screen) to fix it, many people already suggested it, just wanted to inform you. i know its much work but we have time to wait. Thanks for reading.
  13. By fixing bugs? thanks my fellow sandbox player but i play much longer than you and i endured so much of this glitches
  14. it would be nice to select a first person mode to add in your server.
  15. i want to ask If you added op weappns like rpg please dont it would ruin the game and some hackers still can use Multi shot.
  16. I would like a new gun because the old one is shooting too fast, also its probably better if you make a headshot=One shot.
  17. If you go in a car while being shot dead you will have full health again.
  18. Hello catsbit team, there is a glitch going around, people select the delete button, (or any object) then respawn, after that they can jump while shooting, i hope it gets fixed