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  1. Make it so that you can shoot through car windows, cars are too op and used as escape too much.
  2. Alex9825


    The last update was released in 2020, but we waited 2 years for another update before, so it will work.
  3. Not a good idea, all those NSFW servers will get worse.
  4. It's a htlm crashcode, if you didn't know yet, mostly clans spread it around which is kind of lame, and if you don't know yet activate personal messages so that I can send you guyd the code.
  5. Alex9825


    add a skapoom
  6. The last thing we need is people pretending to be the characters and acting like furries.
  7. Your most videos aren't sandbox 3d, sandbox 3d is hard at generating views.
  8. Alex9825


    I have seen some "Leaks" of guns and other stuff, are those fake?
  9. We can wait for the update, but we need confirmation if it actually is happening, my suggestion is a countdown or something.
  10. Alex9825

    Red x Mime

    He is a bug, he keeps making videos of sandbox 3d that are fake. I suggest banning him from the forums, he probably also bots his forum likes.
  11. He is a youtuber that fakes his content, pretty sure he uses alts, here is also proof that all he does is fake his videos:
  12. Mostly topics that already got shared on the forums.
  13. I forgot to mention, i texted catsbit care, unfortunately they can't determine when the update will drop.
  14. I think it is a good idea to add a scripting menu and an easy to use one for players that cannot script (in players own servers) to give players unlimited options and allow players to express their creativity. I suggest this because sometimes servers don't go the way hosts want it to be like and they can use this tool to make it easier for them or create more things they think of to have fun. For example: Escape the room or parkour or a fight map with different game targets and objectives like Battle Royal or Rescue the Player.