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  1. Mostly topics that already got shared on the forums.
  2. I forgot to mention, i texted catsbit care, unfortunately they can't determine when the update will drop.
  3. I think it is a good idea to add a scripting menu and an easy to use one for players that cannot script (in players own servers) to give players unlimited options and allow players to express their creativity. I suggest this because sometimes servers don't go the way hosts want it to be like and they can use this tool to make it easier for them or create more things they think of to have fun. For example: Escape the room or parkour or a fight map with different game targets and objectives like Battle Royal or Rescue the Player.
  4. There is literally no way to ban yet, and catsbit already said that this is about the game, not about the people, there will most likely be no hacks in the future, since there will be accounts, there are no accounts yet so there is no way to ban people.
  5. Decoration, or maybe foreshadowing.
  6. Is it possible to take hacking websites down due to copyright?
  7. Shadows would make the fps slightly drop, the building limit is actually overly high, since it is laggy except for the owner, and the team battle mode would be a good concept, but is most likely hard to code, I would be up for a story mode though.
  8. Hello, my suggestion would be a melee weapon/s, if not in this then in the next update, my suggestion would be a sword with a exclusive shield, which is not affected by bullets, the second one would be a katana, I also think each skin should have a individual weapon (Only gem skins) The samurai should have ninja stars, the robot should have some kind of sci fi weapon, and the white robot should have an AK-47. Anyways that is all that i have for now -Alex.
  9. I think this is one of the more successful games, you should focus on it more since it didn't update for like a year, it really got potential, but it is dying.
  10. You should hire people or send people from the dev team to control servers and shut them down if they are ruining the game (Or being inappropriate) Wanted to ask if that is possible.
  11. I have an outside life, i quit using hacks since i realized it is damaging to the game, I haven't bullied people, just cause i exposed you on discord doesn't mean that you have to try your shot at getting me a ban in the forums :/, What about shadow fox, he says he is related to a nazi and made q clan about nazis, and also i don't bully people, tgt is like a flea to me that will always stay on my neck, and when mime gets scared he needs to make a fake identitiy to join my clan, kicking people isn't bullying.
  12. The spdm team developed hacks, fix the anti cheat please.
  13. Also rpg would kinda ruin the game
  14. Just like your parents about your life