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  1. Alex9825

    At least tell us

    Are you brainless? why would they start from scratch is sandbox 3d isn't even finished yet.
  2. You are 12 years old and you have no sense of judgement
  3. Ooooooooooooo you are pathetic and I do play you are just blind
  4. Yes feed the clans some more with armor.
  5. Alex9825

    At least tell us

    there is no point in that
  6. Alex9825

    At least tell us

    It has been out for awhile
  7. cry about it, you need it more than us.
  8. You are fucking sped you retarded piece of shit, rp games are something completely else, you even said it was a "sandbox" game, now cry about it since your opinion is wrong you little dweeb
  9. You are fucking retarded, it's a sandbox game not a roleplay game you low life anime pfp, sure you can rp, but it doesn't make it some rp game, now stop being illiterate you annoying fuck.
  10. It's a sandbox game, not a roleplay game