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  1. Sad, catsbit we are waiting for a serious answer
  2. Nothing else to say
  3. You do realize that they can get banned again, or getting in serious trouble if they dont accept the rules, you are just being kind of rude here.
  4. Is it possible to ban people, i know it is not developed yet, but i hope you can soon ban people that are doing stuff that is just disgusting, banning Srs clan from the game would be a nice regeneration for the catsbit/Sandbox3d community, i hope we will get a better update soon. Alex.
  5. No i wont because it is unfair and bug using.
  6. (same thing in cubic sandbox)
  7. Hello catsbit team, i saw this gun glitch many times and even tested it, if you press shoot and then when you press the aiming button you get a auto fire glitch, please fix this, the glitch was in sandbox since the guns came and it is very unfair against normal players.