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    Hi everyone, I have to say a few words about our absence: We had some personal issues + we had to move to another office, that's why we were silent for a long time and the work on the update was suspended. Now we are back and we hope to please you with the update in the nearest future. We are really sorry for the inconvenience All your messages on the forum will be approved, read and repplied. Btw thanks @xAnonyPowerZ and other players for assistance in helping.
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    I know how hard it is to add weapons to an online multiplayer game without some people becoming op but hears my idea for a weapon that would be awesome, and would not do that... Grenades. but not infinite grenades. u get 1 every day, and u can save up to 5. that way people will at least have to wait a while before going on killing sprees. I promise it will be totally awesome!!! please consider
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    Thank you lol spread awareness lol
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    Usa hack y es muy hostil hoy me lo encontré
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    Yo as soon as I report him I came back to the server and I was getting ready to do something now the whole server knows he's cheating I don't need proof
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    well IG its ahed of its time.
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    nobody wants a boom? cmon people.
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    I just realized how little 5 is. XD I just don't want people to take this really cool fun thing and make into "horse shi*" by abusing its grate power But ya diffidently more than 5. And maybe 2 a day.
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    I feel like the game just needs this, You know?