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    @Catsbit.Care check my records I’ve been here since the first update, To say I have no skill you’re basically calling yourself a noob. I think the honest real issue at hand is the fact we have hackers free crafting rockets, if you think turning them down it’s gonna stop you from being killed you are dumb, hackers are going to fill their inventory with rockets in level you and your base. since the guns are broke you won’t even be able to defend yourself,So let’s have absolutely no defense against hackers since you want to turn down the Rockets. I think that we should turn the guns back up and fix the hit registration before we even touch the Rockets. because if you can’t kill someone holding an RPG you are the noob, unless the guns being broken or the real issue here and the free craft rockets….. I’ve killed many plenty hackers that had rockets with a rifle before this last update and now it’s nearly impossible to kill anyone with a rifle. Half the time the hits don’t even do damage unless standing still .
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    Ur that dumb rocket spammer, I hate people like you. Rockets are easily gotten and are way too noob friendly. I’m tired of just minding my own business then some random guy rockets me twice and I’m dead. It requires no skill and I think it should be heavily nerfed. I hope you actually learn how to have skill in this game instead of relying on an unbalanced weapon. I hope you stub your toe in the middle of the night trying to go to the bathroom and pee yourself.
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    That's disappointing. That's how you guys make games