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    Hi everyone, I want to make clear that only two people are members of Catsbit Team. Here we are @Catsbit.Dev and @Catsbit.Care . Please stop spamming @[𝐂𝐂] 𝐱𝐀𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲 about updates/cheaters and any other questions. He's a volunteer, not a victim A little reminder: - All up-to-date information is always shared in the topic News. - Reports are considered in the topic Players reports. - If you have any problems with purchases or any other serious issues, write me in private messages. All the other questions/suggestions/bugs reports can be described in the appropriate sections. Take care!
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    Owh, yeah unfortunately it dont say the reason why being kicked. Then its clear what the issue is. (His ping is to high) Fix = (block users from joining a server with +250Ping)
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    Catsbit changes my name, I misspelled it and I want to change it to HECTOR The image shows my ID
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    Добрый день, о, очень интересный вопрос никто не банил "по знакомству" или "по чату". Мы лично следили за ситуацией и проверили все данные. Ваш "друг" создавал фейковые аккаунты, чтобы подставить игрока с никнеймом Irina Moskow, за что его собственный аккаунт, как и фейковые, полетели в бан.
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    Ya les pedí que lo hicieran, pero ni siquiera lo piensan.