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  1. Yes apparently it takes 3 rocket or 4 from what I heard from people, love the Reply s ha
  2. Oh please do and watch this https://youtu.be/W8MAEgrPr4I
  3. bro this game is broke af the metal armour Takes 12 headshots to kill and 30 Shots body 2 rockets only took 50% of my health + People can just DC faster now U need to rebuff the armour to make it useable like 4-6 headshots body 12 body -jisphy
  4. jisphy-_-

    name change

    Yeah I can make another acc but for alt ? all good
  5. jisphy-_-

    New itens

    Lol ? ok buddy , next update would be Tools and guns , They only saying ideas about the other Update if people like it or not , it's TBD
  6. jisphy-_-

    New itens

    Bro Tryna be like anony lol , U don't know what's coming just shush
  7. jisphy-_-

    name change

    Bruh other people did
  8. jisphy-_-

    name change

    Hi , I was wondering if I can get a name change if possible? new name [ TK ] Jisphy My id is on the photo below thanks - Jisphy
  9. Why do U care ? your the reason why this game is shit , bunch of hackers and that BC of U I won't be surprised if U guys make another hack after the update , it very likely I
  10. People just don't get ( be patient) just wait untill update pretty simple what the Devs and Anony are saying , they have to wait untill approval
  11. jisphy-_-

    New update

    Me American hahah , Try Australian
  12. jisphy-_-

    New update

    Bro your saying shit that ain't true , it comes out whenever it comes out . No wonder people keep asking the same question every min, The Devs don't need to answer the same question. Google and apple have to approve of the update , could take 48 hours and above . Read before Writing something
  13. Yeah I, know but not everything goes the way they want it to go