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  1. These are just half of all the cheaters that in the server , I don't have proof but like or the id for last Player , If U can come and Check us3 U will find lots Of hackers - Jisphy
  2. I haven't died to a aimbot hacker lmfao so?
  3. my boi Pickboo is back but in a different Name here , idk if I need proof for this acc but if I do let me know .
  4. He said Already Banned not Banned
  5. Yes he killed my team with aimbot so we just raided his 2x2 metal base and got 1.5k cooked sulfur and 450 metal
  6. lmfao don't make me double rocket U mate finna upload that , it's embarrassing for u
  7. Hacker in Us8 named TKKKKK flys underground and shoots rockets and Flys https://youtu.be/KNLLykMu3Zg
  8. Dw I already Know about This , It's A Shame To See My name on this hackers and pretending to be me , Hopefully all hackers and this Fake Jisphy ACC gets banned -The Real Jisphy-_-
  9. BC no one cares about that dead ass game l
  10. And his friends ?? In part 1
  11. That's where I'm going after its release BC oxide has become a long waited updated game, LIKE ITS CANT TAKE 2 MONTHS TO FIX A SIMPLE CODE IN THE GAME . :((
  12. Name : NOXUS.XIT.™ Hacks: Flying and speed VID_20220128121649.mp4