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  1. i mean when you are loading the server have an option to turn build off so other people can't grief your server.
  2. there is nothing to talk about this. you need to be able to select how much build limit is it can be 0_Unlimited...
  3. I'm not sure if this is it or not but when i start a server and i give owner to someone and i leave the game and come back to the server it is still fine but when i leave again and the server shuts down and i go and change my map and load the server after about 5-15 seconds i get kicked out and my server shuts down.
  4. just want to say it is fixed
  5. I don't know why but when i load my server to start it up after a few second of playing it will kick me out. I want to know why is this happening?
  6. I was playing, an other people come and destroyed my build. the map was going to be a pvp map. i think this will improve servers alot
  7. AriaE

    Ammo & Damage

    You know you can just shoot infinitely with your pistol... it will be good if you had an reload animation If you ram a person with a car it won't do anything... i think
  8. if you get in a car and another car hit you or you just get upside down somehow you can see under the world not a big bug