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  1. Thank you for this, I never thought that I would see the update screen. This is truly amazing
  2. Can you all shut the fuck up? You stupid retarded annoying kids. I hope Sandbox is never updated because a community this ankoying doesn't deserve their game back.
  3. Is your job on the forums to be an annoying little fucking cunt? Shut the fuck up. I'm right. You're wrong you retarded dumbass. And my profile picture isn't even from an anime you asshole.
  4. It's an online game, where you can make your own things. Therefore it can be a roleplay game if you want it to be. He isn't wrong when he says "Please bring back my favorite roleplay game". He uses it to roleplay. Now I suggest you stop arguing with me because you know I'm fucking right.
  5. It's a sandbox game, so it can really be almost whatever genre of game you want. So in some sense it is technically a roleplay game if that's how you want it to be.
  6. Well from the last bit of information we've had (from Catsbit.Care) they do know about the servers being down and they are fixing it, but that post was months ago. So no, they haven't abandoned it, but it's pretty obvious they are hardly working on it.
  7. Listen, I know they have lives, but it's been a year and a half now. They can't even tell use when they are taking a break. We don't even matter to them. Catsbit doesn't care about us. They think "Oh, we can just say that we are still working on the game every 3 months, that will keep them from getting mad". I've had enough
  8. Keyword: month. It's been months and months without any update. I'm so tired of this. They won't tell us anything, it's like they're stringing us along withouth telling us shit. Are they even fixing the servers? Do they still care? The lack of information is driving me crazy.
  9. It's down until the next update, which probably won't be for months
  10. No dude, this cycle of developing is absolutely ass. They are hardly giving us ANY information and for some stupid reason, they like to realease updates in huge baches which is so damn annoying. This is the reason the game is dead.