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  1. Long123


    Lets just hope not
  2. Its been months since servers were down last update was two year ago is the game abandoned
  3. Ah alright thanks for the info man appreciate it
  4. Ye im not able to connect either been loading for the past 20 minutes now
  5. Long123


    Although I don't think a single thing in this list is going to get added it funni
  6. it says "let's make fun not war" does that mean the weapon update is going to be cancelled?
  7. Long123


    •bottles as items and break if shot •potted plants •circular tables •glass doors •hanging lights/lamps •tents •grill •colored lights would be nice •option for an item counter (would be nice to keep track of how many items you have) •(dont think this would get added but hopefully it will) item limit raise up to 1500 a warning if you join a server with more than 100 items •jeeps •option to disable pvp perms for other players in the admin menu •bean bag chairs •option to sit in chairs/beds etc etc •food, so people can stop giving me turkey made out of air ?? •island map? •able to votekick the leader •able to ban people from servers •more than 1 player can sit in a vehicle limit depends on how big it is •larger flat screen tvs •a not flat screen tv (wow!!! big brain!!) •see through/ glass walls •lava lamp •ceiling lights •tumbonas (the chairs you see in resorts) •speakers •smaller racks/shelves •diagonal racks/shelves •blocks of waters (gravity reduces if half of your body touches it) •boards •bookshelves •different cups •filter for racial slurs •can switch from public to private/private to public in servers •circular carpets •(grandfather) clocks •spotlights •hanging tvs •faster motorcycles that requires gems •fences •ladders •smaller carpets (wow!!! big brain!!) •jukebox •aquarium frick u > : ( well I did tell you it was a brainstorm
  8. Long123

    Stuck in car

    We are still not getting out not because objects are in the way
  9. Long123


    Oh cool
  10. It's saying let's make fun not war under the catsbit logo does that mean the gun update is cancelled? Is there a release date?(just asking)
  11. Long123


  12. Long123


    It's been over a year since the last update, just wonderin is sb3d actually getting updated? Cos idk bro ??