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  1. Multiplayer has been restored back and there is a new update for andriod, however if you’re on iOS/apple there is no update nor has multiplayer been restored.
  2. On iOS/Apple the game is still not working and it isn’t available to be updated on the app store on iOS/Apple either, please fix this Catsbit.
  3. its literally been 2 months that the game has been down so wdym “can’t we be patient?”
  4. Look at the date, I posted this when the game had first shut down then it came back up.
  5. oh- well bye bye to Sandbox 3D then-
  6. The app store (iOS) there are many apps that haven’t been updated for a while yet they haven’t been taken down so I highly doubt Sandbox 3D will be taken down, however for Google play i’m not sure.
  7. Swamps, it should include trees such as birches, red maple, pin oak, and etc. There should also be animals such as crocodiles (it should be an option to make animals aggressive or not through the game settings), other animals such as raccoons, swamp sparrows, wood stork, water snakes, otters, etc…. and there should be in game sounds from this map such as bird whistles and crickets chirping and/or music too.
  8. JadeTheHumanOne


    Multiplayer has been down for everyone, but don’t worry i’m sure Catsbits is working on fixing this problem and i’m sure there will be another update eventually.
  9. Tbh I don’t even feel like this game will be updated nor do I think this game will ever be online again and that it’s just completely abandoned, if yall won’t update the game then at least bring it back online.
  10. I also haven’t heard from you for like a year or something ?
  11. Yes the game still has players, however the game’s multiplayer version hasn’t been working for more than a month..
  12. Voice chat should be added to Sandbox 3D. Voice chat is also an easier way to communicate, for example if you are doing PvP it would be easier to communicate while also playing rather then stopping the PvP for some seconds to type something, voice chat is also fun to communicate with friends. If voice chat gets added to Sandbox 3D, it should be an option for the server to have voice chat or not, like the same way it works to make a server a PvP server.
  13. It happened again that the servers are down, could this mean a new update?