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  1. I have a feeling it might come out around February of 2022.
  2. Theres also this modder with the name “Dova Slave” who keeps on crashing and destroying my server-
  3. Will the next update for Sandbox 3D come around Fall or Winter? Thank you, Jade :}
  4. Just a random question :} Why is there a pet food bowl if theres no animals in game?
  5. That still won’t make a difference, also its better if accounts get added, so you can friend people-
  6. Also catsbit is gonna add accounts in the new update already, so you can’t really do anything about it.
  7. bro chill- besides now accounts are being added in the new update so you can’t fake others.
  8. Accounts should get added, for example make it available that you can have a username and a display name, and if accounts get added on Sandbox 3D make it that others can’t have the same username as you. A friend system should also be added to Sandbox 3D, and if it gets added, can you please make it available that you check when your friend was last online, what server they’re playing, A “Join” button to join the server that they’re playing, and a chat system to talk with your friends. (Also please don’t add a friends limit), Thank You. (Sorry for bad grammar I wrote this at 2 AM lol)
  9. The game randomly freezes at random times, this isn’t just happening to me, its happening to others.
  10. Thank you for letting me know :}
  11. When will the game be available on the iOS app store?