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  1. Isaac


    Many people said it will be today. Is it true?
  2. It will be this month before Christmas.
  3. Isaac


    When will the next wipe be?
  4. Isaac


    Picking them up: you can pick them up with building hammer but it keeps health when you place it back down. repair: hit it with the hammer and it repairs (costs scraps). upgrade: being able to upgrade them for more health. Locks: works the same as doors but on vehicles. Ammunition: car has mini gun and copter can drop bombs.(inventory icon in vehicles to put ammo).
  5. When I am playing in a server, it kicks me and then shows this. I then have to wait like 5 minutes to play that server again.
  6. Isaac


    Sorry didn’t mean to make 2 of them.
  7. Isaac


    When I am in a server it kicks me and then shows this
  8. Isaac


    I think the game would be better if they made it to where there is something like bandages where you can make but doesn’t restore that much health like 10 bite there could also be a rare healing kit or something like that and it spawns in the city or in a gas ration and it restores 50 health. There should also be a cooldown like 10 seconds or they would just spam bandages and be no point of healing kits. I hope you suggest my ideas and I hope they make it to the game one day.?
  9. Yes that is a good option but that means their would have to be a lot of trustworthy people because if they aren’t trustworthy then they can kill people and not die and they can’t get banned.
  10. I personally don’t think this is a good idea because hackers could change their name and nobody would know who they are and if they cheat.
  11. Isaac


    Rocket launcher: maybe a rocket that costs 2 times the normal amount of a rocket but you can control this rocket. new vehicle: boats I think this would be exiting for everybody. Map: maybe a little bigger and more stuff like a couple more islands and longer roads. new weapon: costs 500 scraps, a landmine 100 metal and 150 sulfur.