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  1. I was wondering if I could apply for admin on a certain server where would I find the applications and how would I send it
  2. Hey I have been having a problem with voice chat I’m not able to use it does it require an Android if not I play on iPad and I’ve allowed it and I’ve also tried on my phone it won’t let me talk and I can’t hear anyone
  3. Add more armor and make weapons do more damage also make a bleeding affect for a counter add like bandages or stim another recommendation is to add like supply drops every hour or so and add like a boat and things to do on sea for example like in rust they have oil rig add more weapons the weapons adding is just my opinion you don’t gotta I’m just saying like a cross bow or something love you guys keep up the good work
  4. Make hacking ban able I’m tired of getting shot in the back of the head while I’m scrap farming because a hacker flew over to me don’t just kick them they can join right back make more armor and make like 2x server and higher multiplier servers for people who like fast paced game play also leather armor is over powered for leather add more armor like the hazmat suit from rust but don’t make it look to alike so it doesn’t get copy right and make it cost a lot of scrap and metal and keep up the good work love you guys ? ps. woodenpickle oh and last thing have like admins join servers or have people make servers but it cost money like rust and they can ban hackers so meaning like the people who buy servers can put multipliers and they become admin of that server love you guys again ps. woodenpickle