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  1. If u don't do this i will find you.
  2. Add New: Hatchets (tools), monuments (constructions), jump sounds, throw (hit, shoot) while running. Add better characters and body customization. Add + button in leaderboards so we can befriend people easily. Add more PRIME, PVE Servers. Make Asian Servers and don't let europeans, asians or americans enter each other servers for lag and cheating reasons. (this will improve speed of players and reduce cheaters in the game) Fix and Improve: Add better kick system, add bans. Kick players if they have PING above 250, because every cheater is lag hacking. (a lot of cheaters exist.) improve fall damage because u can die from 4 meter fall. Add better chat gui that we can scroll and see what people typed. Add ladders for the walls. Bugs: PVE Only button is broken, crouching under foundation can kick you. U can die from fall of 4 meters.
  3. Allright, everything you need to: Fix, Improve, and ALL Bugs in-game 1. Anticheats: - Kick Players with PING above 222. - Jump sounds for fly hackers. - Better kick system and add Bans. 2. Improve (add) : - Swim sounds, jump sounds. - More hatchets (tools). - Remove hammer from Research. - More Monuments (constructions). - More Servers (Asian, African). - Disable Asians into different servers. - Disable Europeans into different servers aswell for others.