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  1. I really dont know what are you doing just look at s7 & w7x they keep updating their hacks every week but you just keep spamming ( update soon update soon... ) And nothing is happening!!
  2. I hope you add timer on dc button because of dcing playera while pvp's... Just a 3sec timer
  3. I really dont know why you are making it so long. The only thing u r doing is copying of the other game's so its hard for copying the other thing's for new update??? At first u told 1march Then 18 march And then 25 march HURRY UP!
  4. Gimme ur discord id i send video on discord
  5. And one more thing. Im iranian,and telegram is filter in iran and i dont have vpn for going to telegram. As u know,all hack's are on telegram so i CANT download any hack's Im saying again,this is my main acc. I can send screenshot of my rank in(miner)...
  6. Im master. I dont know how he saying i am hacker. I was on youtuber video's for someny time's and this is my main acc. For (spider) , i just used fps bug for climbing a short part of his base cuz my mobile has only 2GB Ram and in so laggy(fps) And for (aimbot) , im playing for like 1 year and im just a pro player. U can ask someny player's about me.
  7. Parsa6367372627


    I think oxide really need rain too. Rainy weather in for example every 1hour. Or chance of having rainy weather in every 1hour 20% or something like this Having 0%----100% darkness(i mean creator can choice weather have to got howmeny darkness while raining)& lights while rainy weather &...
  8. Server:EU#21 Id:5AFC226F0E279D62
  9. Server:US#20 Id :6EEF118B22BCF81A
  10. This game is really good.the creators are have a creative brain but looks like they didnt know internet have a dark side and this dark side have somany hacker! Hey!My grandmother can Bypassing this game security system! Security system of one of this hacker's(oxide hacker's)is so strong you cant take screenshot of his site!!!! Yes im rebuking you! If you wanna type some code's FOREXAMPLE if someone use assault rifle aimkill kick him,ok.they can add new code's for example if player's put pickaxe in they're hand's,all player's in 30esp have to will type code for this one?ok.if player's put AXE... yes you cant add this code's forever i am studying programming too i know adding code's are not like typing this Sentence's. upgrade your game security system just this!
  11. You cant ban hacker's for ever! they can make new account's! So start upgrading server's. Hacker have access to all of servers in game they can add hack's and everything they want in main server's whilst you are the creator's of this game,that is very weird!! Server's security system are so weak!
  12. InShot_20221115_222843986.mp4
  13. I know this error mean's is player dont have connection. But my internet speed is 3MB! I used vpn,reset my connection,deleted game and downloaded again, turned my mobile of and on and... But it didnt fix. Pls fix it InShot_20221027_113710756.mp4