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Found 107 results

  1. 2 guys using bug with foundation
  2. POni0

    Cheater Eu1

    Cheater eu 1 id: in video VID_20221108_033711.mp4
  3. POni0

    Cheater Eu1

    Cheater eu1. Sorry i cant load 720p bcs 48,3mb is max but i make screen 720p VID_20221117_213409_499.mp4
  4. Evgeniy.


    Доброго дня ,знаю что заели эти вопросы про читеров ,но хотелось бы узнать будут ли решатся эти проблемы как ЧИТЕР ?потому что видео заливать сюда тоже не вариант но он есть,просто видео сюда выкладываешь рассматривается очень долго может и 2-3 дня ,то что пока его рассмотрит ты останешься голым и занового начинать развиваться ,мне не так обидно будет если меня обычный человек зарейдит а не читер которому все легко и просто достаётся !
  5. Оскорбление родных:) Ник _ПОНОС_ Id 59397BECF42CF877
  6. Читер высокий прыжок и спидхак но не смог заснять
  7. Hi developer How can my friend authorize my buggy or copter? Keep working
  8. Indignação: Sinceramente, os hackers estão voltando aos poucos, tá difícil de aturar esses aproveitadores. Mano, só basta apenas 1 aimbot para acaba com todo o servidor, quanto mais aturar 2/3 aimbot em um único server. E sobre o sistema de reporte, isso não funciona. Faz dias que os aimbot's tão abusando do servidor e nada de banimento, o processo é lento demais. Eu entendo que são apenas dois desenvolvedores para fazer tudo, mas deveria ter algum monitoramento nos servidores. Caso contrário fica difícil "investir" dinheiro no jogo, ainda mais sabendo que o jogo tá cheio de hackers.
  9. Ну здесь ничего объяснять не надо ) Screenrecorder-2022-10-27-23-51-57-612(0).mp4
  10. Remove the the sticker on the top right of screen its annoying and takes an importent spot of the screen for us 4 finger players Ability to move the text messages and the health and food water bar its in a annoying spot Ability to make buttons bigger individualy Increase stone spawn rate its more rare than iron and sulfur Add gyroscope to the game
  11. ESSENTIAL Modifications: -> Armor life decreases as damaged, as well as axes and weapons; -> Increase the cost to produce rocket launcher ammo; -> Add time to respawn in beds; -> When the player disconnects, his character remains lying on the ground with all his items. PvP would be much more fierce and fun. -> Increase the health of walls and ceilings, to make it difficult to raid through walls and ceilings that currently have the same health as doors of similar level (Example: Wooden Wall and Wooden Door = 200 HP / Stone Wall and Metal Door = 400 HP / Iron Wall and Armored Door = 800 HP), this will revolutionize the way of raiding that currently just choose any wall and fire the rocket; -> IMPORTANT: IN MY OPINION, ALL THESE MODIFICATIONS ABOVE CAN ONLY BE MADE (MAINLY DISCONECT), IF THERE ARE NO HACKERS ON THE SERVER AND THE HACKERS THAT APPEAR ARE BANNED IN A WAY THAT THEY DO NOT CAUSE MUCH HARM TO PLAYERS. Additional Modifications: -> Addition of new places to farm as well as the factory. These are my ideas for the game, I believe that with them there would be big changes in the way of playing. Thank you for your attention.
  12. Hacker on EU 38. 800B926FD1B7D381 is the player ID ban him
  13. на данный момент этот игрок (читер) убивает всех на сервере с читами на аим с автоматом я фармил скрап и вдруг появляется он из ни откуда и убивает за 2-3 секунды прошу наказать данного игрока за использование читов P.S.На скриншоте видно как он не только использует читы но и распространяет их и заявляет об этом на сервере если есть возможность лучше забанить этого игрока по устройству если есть такая возможность прошу поверить мне на слово что он читер на этого игрока поступает много жалоб от разных игроков на форуме.Сами подумайте стали бы игроки кидать жалобы на 1 игрока?
  14. I’m sure, most people have not taken a liking towards the new system of not being able to use items you don’t have the blueprint for. I get that it is good for stopping hackers’ progression, but with the new and better anti cheats, hackers have become less prominent. This poll is to see which idea is better, not being able to use items like hunting rifle etc, even if you killed someone for it, or being able to. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  15. измените настройку кнопок в игре сделайте так чтоб каждую кнопку можно было настраивать отдельно и максимальный размер кнопок был в 2-3 раза больше а то не очень удобно тыкать по маленьким кнопкам надеюсь вы это реализуете в следующем обновлении
  16. Did u sirusly reduse the arrows damage .....stop listening to noobs and making the game noob friendly the errows needs a buff not a nerff ...increase their speed and damage so naked have a chance of making a play against a fully geared guy just like in pc rust ...and why did make non searched items unusable, just why make the game a enjoying in the start ...reduce the scrap cost cuz there is no recycling yet takes more than 30 hour of playing to search all items thats insane ...there is a lot of importent stuff that need to be done before anything Fix the jumping no sound bug ...if u spam jump while spring u make no sound ...and geared guys use this to sneak up on nakeds and kill them easly Rockets needs to be more expensive to make they are way too easy to get and raiding is so easy Nerff rocked gamage to stone walls and make it just like pc rust we are tired of rocked pvping when noobs loose a fight they just rocked u make the fights in long distances to not get rockted in close range And for that u need to add scopes to the hunting rifle at least a 3x and add iron sight sensitivity and scope sensitivity and gyro semsivity and the Ability to increase the sensivity even more Make the boxes hold more just like in pc rust Ability to control buttons opacity size undevidualy ...these thing are more important than any skin or any item or anything else in the game so pls start by them
  17. I don't know what I did to these guys, I just record my videos and put them on the channel raiding or killing them, I don't even talk in chat and they do it all the time TT It's printed the guy from his team asking him for a hack, Please do something!!!
  18. - Will you ever create a new server where there are no rockets so you can’t damage bases but all guns still do damage to other players so we can still kill players. I would really like you to add this server type as pve can be boring sometimes so it would be cool to still have fun killing players but everyone can still have fun Building and keeping their bases. I don’t mean to add this feature to the pve servers I mean to create one or two servers with this option so guns are still used for pvp but rockets stay locked and no one can use rockets. - Also can you increase server restart warning from 10 seconds to like 30 seconds so we have more time to organise stuff like landing our helis etc - can you also make it so we can eat and drink while driving vehicles.
  19. Nick/dish


    I found something interesting today. The anticheat only detect people that are cheating or who has cheats on. Because of that all they have to is turn off their cheats for the meantime and when they are loosing they turn it back on THEN the anticheat will detect it and kick them but all they have to do is turn it back off and the anticheat sees them as a regular person and let them ruin other people's time playing. Ur probably going to look pass this but plz think about it.