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Found 65 results

  1. Hello everyone! Is there anyone else that have this following problem? [ No servers are showing up ] This is most of the time the problems The app may not be working for you due to some issues that your device may have. Please check whether your internet is working properly. If you're using a wifi connection, please turn-off and turn-on once to see, whether it helps you. Also please restart your android/iphone device to see if it helps. If none of the above method works and you feel that it is not a common problem for everyone, please let us know using the comment section below. is the app still not working for you? Yes. It's fixt or No. I still have this problem please tell us below! Troubleshooting Methods: This may be a temporary issue. [ +-1hour ] You can close and open the app to see whether it fixes the issue.If you're using mobile data connection, disable and enable againIf you're using a Wifi connection, turn off wifi and turn on again to check if it is a wifi issue.Restart your android/iphone and try opening the app to see if it works fine.If nothing works, You can check the official app page on Google Play store for android and iTunes App Page for iPhone for any potential listed issues. Greetings xAnonyPowerZ
  2. :::


    My YT is LOLganGAMER15, this is not a promo, but a player on US 1 named AAAA (Weird symbol which is an A in a box) is duping rockets and killed everyone in the server. I have half of it recorded. I haven’t seen hacks like this every before. Please ban this horrible player. BTW as of now it is still uploading. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  3. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev , We have waited over a month with literally no news. I understand how hard it is for the small group of devs to do this, but the game is utterly broken right now. One of your forums users, Aony, has made *some* timeframes about the update, but it still has been 3 months without an actual rough update time. Please tell us as I can’t handle these rockets and hackers anymore.
  4. FYI, this is not very important regarding the latest issues, but I do think it should be known. When are we gonna get voice chat on IOS? What is the communities views on it? That’s what I want to know.
  5. HarMing


    PLS BAN THIS PLAYER BASE RACIST AND HACKING:Dexx1k his been bullying me starting of the new update Pls make a end to this ive been grinding so much stuff and he just took it with his wall hacks and his bullets going through walls now im homeless again cause got inside my cause of his wall hacks
  6. I know that all of you have been getting these questions over and over again. But I really want to know a rough timeframe when the update will come. The servers are getting overrun by hackers and rocket spammers, not to mention the broken PVP and Jenkee hit boxes. I know these are all problems you guys know of. But I would really like to have a timeframe, a time to look forward to when we can get all these bugs fixed. Please respond as I really love this game and I would really like to know when it’ll be fixed. @Catsbit.Care
  7. Yesterday, postushny you found out that the anti-cheat and the fact that the damage does not regrow, they lie down and have a common anti-cheat, you just don’t understand. And in the same number it is assumed the possibility of observing the invaders. I can suggest you to remake the anti-cheats and make it so that it doesn’t kick and inform you that the player’s data uses cheats, and you can follow him through the admin panel, and if you suspect that you will ban him. I DONT DO IT, and this is just a suggestion to do so, so don't judge me too harshly maybe my idea or release will be a good suggestion for you, then please reply to this that I suggested to you.!! I'll be waiting
  8. Разработчики, исправьте возможность рейдить кирками стены, или добавьте больше ударов с кирки для железной стенок и дверных проемов. Так как железные стенки быстро ломаются от кирки. И с помощью этого соло или дуо чел может за пару часов выселить топ дом все во за пару десяток кирок. Если вы задумались над этим, то скажите пожалуйста ваши след действия с этим???
  9. Adversary is not taking damage from a rifle, I hit shots and every shot the character tanks, it's like hearing an ore stone protecting the opponents.
  10. Redezin br uses the bug for kill me every time when i build house
  11. US3 1. hacker that I didn’t have time to record and take pictures of for proof: Hope anony come to US3 to record and take a picture of them while they are hacking. Also my phone is lagging if im record. Hope you understand me. 2. Someone tried to hack:
  12. Sometimes when I place a key lock, it disappears, and it doesn’t show up for me so I have to rejoin. Once I rejoin, it’s there and I lock it. it happens 80% of the time when I place locks, and to counter it, I instantly look away for a second and it seems to work. I hope it can be fixed, because during the time you’re restarting, people can infiltrate your base. - peenerweener
  13. We need monuments with good loot to fight for Make the game harder that will create a skill gap between players and that is how u attract hardcore gamers that will create content and help the game get more popular Add Recoil and make the best weapon is the ak like pc rust Copy the values of crafting from pc rust so u don't have to keep changing until u find the sweet spot Add aim sensitivity and gyroscope Remove the spring button Ability to change the opacity of buttons
  14. this useless will not take a ban? Nick: Hhhhbb
  15. Update this month?
  16. Pontos ao qual vocês deve trabalhar na questão do raid com rocket e picareta Com apenas duas rocket você quebra uma base de pedra praticamente toda, assim o dano se espalha até onde você não rocketou, quebrando os baús e fornalhas, por conta disso 90% dos raid é só prejuízo. > Correção < •Diminuir o alcance da explosão da rocket. •Corrigir o bug de quebrar todos os ítens dentro da base após raid. •Aumentar a vida das paredes. > PAREDE DE PEDRA (700). > PAREDE DE MADEIRA (350). > PAREDE DE FERRO (1000) _________________________________________ E sobre clã raidar base na picareta, eu acho isso extremamente roubado. 3 a 4 players picaretando portas ou paredes, em questão de minutos eles conseguem entrar em qualquer base. > Correção < •Após player picaretar portas ou paredes, depois de 8 a 10 picarretada deve tirar somente 1 de dano. Consideração!
  17. is abusing a bug to have an advantage in PvP, please ban this guy XRecorder_Edited_23022022_224908.mp4
  18. Hey catsbit. Since the recent mishap with the other account, I currently have been locked out my main account for some reason Smoothiezzz, typically I wouldn’t care but I’ve purchased skins on that account and now I can’t access it and it made me make a new one, what should I do?
  19. Já tem data para próxima atualização,ou vocês desenvolvedores estão trabalhando para próxima atualização? Nós da comunidade queremos uma resposta para ficar por dentro,o jogo está ficando muito chato sem wipe! E a questão dos anti-cheat vcs estão trabalhando nisso? Jogo está cheio de hack de speed! Esse jogo tem muito talento só basta voces querer...
  20. Que tal criarem um discord oficial de oxide?
  21. clone


    Using speed hack Server eu 6 20220210_720p.mp4
  22. Всем привет.Вот ещё моя порция необходимых предложений 1)улучшить физику(чтоб нельзя легко залазить на забор,аж бесит когда поставил хорошо забор но все равно все лезут к тебе) 2)добавить лестницу,её так не хватает, особенно при рейдах. 3)добавить статистику,знать сколько ты провел часов в игре. 4)добавить наконец входы через Гугл и так далее. 5)хотелось бы увидеть кусты ,чтоб прятаться можно было(траву можно и подождать когда игру оптимизируют) Как всегда скажу:Главное качество а не количество. xD
  23. When is the next planned update, and what could we expect? Your game is becoming extremely popular. I think not only should servers be bigger, but maybe a few admins moderating, possible a scope for the rifle but make it expensive or like you have to defeat some type of npc. I also suggest teams in game so you can see their blue logo above and etc.
  24. Hey just curious when the next scheduled update is coming, big update at least. Also any clue on if there is going to be a discord made? Me and my friends are still offering to run a discord and we can have it set up as you would like.
  25. Mateus Gamer


    Compra de servidores privado, é possível? Seria interessante! Ta complicado os hacker!