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Found 285 results

  1. Salim:(

    New update

    Can you give us some information about next update (lumberjack) or date did the recycler It will exist in this update? There are wipe in the next update ?
  2. •The anvil says "already in use" when nothings in it. •The lights on the Christmas tree disappear at a certain angle. •The Fall damage is very inconsistent. •The reload sound for any gun can play depending how many times you press it during the animation. •Placing a door then quickly putting a lock on it will make the lock disappear from the hot bar(This can be fixed by putting another item in that slot). •When you have too much in the crafting queue the other items don't show up but will still craft. •Dying while crafting will delete whatever was being used to craft it. •When using the building plan the rotate option usually doesn't work. •When looking on your friends list none of the green dots are ever on. •The Drive and reverse buttons on the buggy sometimes don't stop when they aren't being pressed. •Turrets and gun traps will target the owner if they are out of the cupboards range. •Spears clip through the ground when dropped. •Picking up a placeable item ex: a workbench, will reset its health back to 100 regardless of how much it was damaged. •Sometimes moving items in your inventory will not show up in that slot and do only after you exit that menu and go back in they show up. •Crouching under wooden fountains kicks the player most of the time. •Killing a player while they are in a copter will spawn their bag in the sky. •Armored door, Wooden door, metal door, and window don't have descriptions. Tell me anymore y'all know of.
  3. the admin system is the best idea you make a server for sale any player can buy her own server and the admin can't bann cheter for perment they can only bann cheter from her server and make the Distinctive report for the admin if you add this Your game will change 180 degrees
  4. Kovax

    When ???

    Когда это починят, чтобы при приземлении вертолёт не швырял на другой конец света??? Когда это починят, чтобы при приземлении вертолёт не швырял на другой конец света???
  5. Cheater 1Eu with aimkill DCFA46ECCBD319BC эт шд братиk
  7. Hacker US 7 He killed me from a distance9C0B27C7A98C1101 pliss bannn
  8. У меня есть большой опыт по администрации(слежки за читерами) . Я хочу уменьшить поток читеров в игру🤕. Моя помощь не будет пустышкой🤝 Куплен Prime✅ My telegram: @hoookaj My discord: Jonyasha#8197
  9. Where is He's sick or something because they dont come to the cuminity from a long time
  10. Hi catsbit I’m posting here since you only apparently check this panel you were away for a week and when you came back on the forum you ignored the hundreds of people asking about the hacking you ignored all the thousands of player reports all you replied to and clearly took notice to is bug reports…… I want to quit this is not how a dev should act at ALL. PAY ATTENTION TO THE HACKING BEFORE EVERYONE QUITS. How could you ignore and not even do anything about the hundreds of players upset about the hacking and the reports of hackers????? WHATS THE POINT OF US REPORTING HACKERS WHEN YOU DONT EVEN CHECK THEM? This is so rude honestly you clearly do not care about us at all. PLEASEEEE can you PLEASE give us some sort of idea when the anti cheat will be released or updated or if you’ve even started working on it yet, are we going to have to wait years? Like other players have said other games have already found ways to make anti cheat so it is possible.
  11. Bella


    Can you please change back the trees so they don’t fall down after 50 log can you make it more because they fall down too soon and you have to go through so many trees which is why you needed so many server restarts can you put it to about 250 (that’s less than before it used to be like 400 so it is still a decrease) log then the tree cuts down, 50 is WAY too small of an amount.
  12. Okay at this point hacking is so bad they’ve now made a new hack they can instantly kill you with an Assault Rifle with modded firing rate, they shoot the bullets so fast, faster than normal AR shooting speed and you die in half a second. To fix this could you maybe start a poll for if players would prefer you to lock Assault rifle UNTIL the anti cheat works? Because with the hunting rifle there is time to disconnect before the hacker kills you. The hacking is getting out of hand please consider asking the player base if they would prefer it to be locked as a way to deal with hackers. Even maybe if it’s just on prime server? As we all paid for prime as there’s meant to be less hacking but everyone is just dying to hackers using the modded AR and killing in less than a second. Please lock it at least on prime to start off with and see how things go. The only people that would complain about this is people who hack. Also would you be able to give us an idea on when the anti cheat will be added? You could make it so if you were shooting at a speed faster than the normal gun you get disconnected and if you were running faster than the normal character speed you get disconnected, just some ideas to help.
  13. Player using a speed hack and aimbot killing everyone in server #45 player ID- EB156ACB80854E02 please ban him 🙄
  14. Player using a speed hack and aimbot killing everyone in server #45 player ID- 6FE88F1A8B3D161A
  15. Player using a speed hack and aimbot killing everyone in server #45 player ID- F81B50F4EED34EB
  16. Jod

    Noob hackur

    Player using a speed hack and aimbot killing everyone in server #45 player ID- 32855743C6A42485
  17. Please ban this player killing everyone one in the server player ID- A7578DAB86634B80
  18. CF5B1133D40E3824 MMA-DIOR In Your fucky game all fucky players use this mother fucker bitch hack and kill usull players. Also all Russian use hack bc they can't play like a gamer and they must suck it -_- And @Catsbit care I really don't need your update if u can't ban some bitch hacker in game. We wait for 7 months for your update that hackers go from this game but nothing happened and now we can't wait for 7 months more for another fucky update that it will not ban these hackers Really sorry for u and your working Also sry for all players that can't play like a gamer
  19. Здравствуйте дорогие администраторы, модераторы и разработчики! Очень прошу вас сделать меня администратором сервера #19 EU Читеров стало очень много! Я готов работать без платы и долго следить за сервером. Готов так же пройти модерацию и проверку, честных игроков не нарушающих правил игры, не стану банить без причины. Если вы готовы со мной связаться, Вот мой телеграмм : @vecno_golod Очень жду вашего ответа.
  20. Jame$1


    Do us all a huge favor catsbit play your own game for a day to see how bad the hackers really , turn off admin mode /god mode . Use a name that does not say ,Catsbit .. and just play your game for 1 day and see how it goes , try to unlock everything on the tech tree for your self . Then build a small 2x2 base with wall and see how far u get before hackers make you rage quit your own game . ……
  21. UID: F2FDE4048F5CC435 C6D33049F839FCE2 C0C0653F09C9D32D AIM AND SPEED-HACK
  22. TAKDAT


    I want a refund of everything I purchased, this game scuks, every sever full of hackers, the game is stupid, at times you can't even leave ya base, Get back to me asap!!!!