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  1. everywhere i post it says content need to be approved by moderator but here not, i have warning or somethings or what?
  2. Razvan


    when i pressed create clan im auto dc and clan didnt create -200 scrap for me
  3. 593CD4A65881A11A u can hear the speed at the end + name change after killing me
  4. Razvan


    hello catsbit, I don't know anything about this hack, but listen to the long story that happened to me last night: first of all, the servers are 55/50, ping 400+,and you can't enter the server, I built something and moved things from the base and after m- I killed to have full water, when I wanted to take my things, my internet was not working and I gave a restart and here the hack intervened, I waited 5 minutes to be able to enter sv and my stuff disappeared, which upset me, when I left the base my constructions disappeared as if I hadn't saved the game, doors missing, and farm lost a bunch, morning-night in 5 minutes like bruh this needs to be solved fast(translated,srr for bad eng)
  5. Razvan


    when you are in the safe area the health does not regenerate and when you use the med kit/bandage health does not go up
  6. Man when i got back home i didnt have tc boxes and furnaces just on the stone fundation, on the Wood fundation all the things are safe bruh what is this game i lost a lot of stuff SOLVE NOW CATSBIT
  7. Razvan


    Because of this bug i died and lost all my stuff, and not once , 3 times bruh.
  8. Razvan

    What s wrong?

    Its working now hah
  9. Add voice chat on iPhone
  10. When is the new update?
  11. Pls catsbit add paysafecard as a payment method because i dont have a credit or debit card pls, i think if you add this method you will have more sales pls catsbit #loveoxide