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  1. A.j 1.2


    This bug has been longer and it's haven't even fix . Is the chat bug, it's been 1 year now it not even fix yet in this new update
  2. A.j 1.2


    Bruh go search in YouTube
  3. A.j 1.2


    @Catsbit dev
  4. A.j 1.2


    Hi beautiful dev can you add new guns in the next update please Please answer my request. Please i can't sleep when you don't repay me 🙂 please add big box next update cuz it's can't fet my big in this small box. Please dev
  5. What, bro he just add a lock on the item. what you mean it will take a year? Bruh are you a dev do you have a project do you have game or an app.
  6. If mobile rust will release are you ganna lost alat of player Please make that item we buy can be shered with other player. If you don't do that you are greedy only cares about money Please don't be greedy
  7. A.j 1.2

    Game Engine

    That is your engine if i have a laptop can i model Question : did you copy all guns and item and you character to
  8. A.j 1.2


    that happen to me two
  9. A.j 1.2

    Chat bug

    @Catsbit dev please fix this chat bug My is redmi c10 This bug is been last year
  10. A.j 1.2

    Chat bug

    I thought in this update the chat bug is fix i can't even chat
  11. A.j 1.2


    Bro did you re download it
  12. A.j 1.2


    Ho never mind i all ready have my refund now im ganna buy the new i tem
  13. A.j 1.2


    I all ready make refund in Google but i been waiting for 16 hours now