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  1. Servers gone game crashed showed lost signal to host. Now its gone completely. ***will update this thread if server comes back**
  2. Ya they thought it would be a good idea to fight against cheaters ??? how this exactly I have no clue. Cheaters are in every server. And all a cheater has to do is steal the scrap from a legit base and boom 2 minutes he’s got everything unlocked. Completely wrong direction in the game. Now you raid a base and half the shit you can’t even use. Makes it pointless.
  3. What makes the building area change with cupboards? One day I’ll have lots of room. The next day my area is cut in half. And no one’s cupboards have moved.
  4. This does sometimes happen. When the tree is cut down. The trunk of the tree will hit a player or throw a player killing them.
  5. Yea I’m pvp servers. I’m talking more for pve servers
  6. I think the ability to have locked chests. would help fight against hackers and bring back the players that quit playing. because it sucks grinding for hours only to have your chests robbed by some hacker
  7. I agree it was a really shit idea when they made that change. It makes raiding pointless because if you don’t have any of the items unlocked they are useless. I guess there always is de spawning the items
  8. This is just 1 of the countless bases with an unrealistic amount of items placed. So much so the game lags when you get in the area. Zero chance a person could farm that much materials to craft all that.
  9. It kicks you either way. Best thing Iv found to do was to rejoin the server once I land. To keep from being sent back to spawn
  10. Could someone from your team DM me please. @Catsbit.Care
  11. No problem bro. I was struggling to type. The keyboard would just open and close like 20 times before working. I restarted my phone and that seemed to help
  12. It’s gone completely. Iv refreshed, closed the app and re launched it. And the server is gone.