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  1. Cheater using climbing hacks and other cheats in video. Player ID: 4774E62B036B1E35
  2. Yet another hacker with aimkill/aimbot, you can see in the video how his assault rifle instantly kills me and how it says 23 meters away. He killed me just as fast with full metal armor and needs to be banned off my server please. Player Id: DED4ED6BF19A00EA
  3. NXMB

    Hacked US#16

    This hacker has killed me three times and each time was more suspicious than the other. He is definitely using aimkill or some type of aim bot. As you can see in the video I was not lagging and he instantly kills you with an assault rifle with full metal armor. Please take action and ban this hacker off my server. The player id: AB7CF80B3FE26A6C
  4. NXMB

    Hacker US#16

    More proof and a confession of him hacking @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  5. NXMB

    Hacker US#16

    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev please take action I am a known daily player on this server and I always list player ids and video proof, I am trying to make this game a better place so we can all play fair.
  6. NXMB

    Hacker US#16

    There is another hacker with aimkill, wall climbing, and speed hacks on US#16 Player Id:C565272A78C5C5AF As you can see in the video he is already in my compound by using these wall hacks and tries to climb the wall while I am staring at him, after he sees me watching him he runs using his speed hacks and at the end of the video you can see him get kicked for it and his player is is also at the end of the video. YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/nR0PY_mJtIg
  7. 3 hackers on US#16 were climbing my base trying to get inside, all of them have wall climbing hacks, the first clip shows one of them using these wall climbing hacks, the second clip shows 2 of them on the very top inaccessible part of my base. You can see in the second clip I had to build stairs to reach where they were and kill them. At the end of the video you can find all the 3 names of the hackers and player Id’s: 5ED1E418DA5EAE28 , DFFF571482BE73A , 3A0AE4E790137348 YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/FVQuqPeAS1c
  8. NXMB

    Hacker on US 16

    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev please help he’s raiding us right now, he has no clip hacks he climbs up our high wooden walls by flying and has aimkill I will post more videos as proof
  9. NXMB

    Hacker on US 16

    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  10. I have died multiple times to this cheater on server US 16 he is definitely cheating, other players on the server agree. Player ID:F9E5E617ED32ACFC