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Found 3 results

  1. Welynprint


    It's better To Add a FOOTSTEPS sounds. So u can obviously Hear . A player coming behind . Or a sneaking under ur base. It's good to alerts a player . Even when farming recourses.
  2. Welynprint


    Is it just me? Cause the Sensitivity of my game cannot be udjust? Even if I set it to High Sensitivity . It's same as slow , It's annoying cause if I open door then before closing it. Maybe there's a guy behind me Tryna follow me inside ma base. And when someone chasing me it's hard to look back cause my sensitivity is so Slow. I hope it will be fix on next update , Ty
  3. Player 2)2 floated into my base, looted me & my clan mates boxes & furnaces. Then went over to another friend's base and floated up his wall. Our base is Impenetrable bc you can't crawl under the base to do the floor glitch. He flew in. Please help @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Dev Need the devs or someone to do something about this. We're missing valuable time in game. @Catsbit.Care Bones has the original screenshot of him floating and has tried to make a report but he's limited on what he can post.