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Found 30 results

  1. Rdpitybu


    Nick: naosougringo Server: BR #2 Frases racistas: "clã de macacos" "tudo bando de preto fudido" Ele escreveu mais frases racistas, eu que só consegui tirar print destas. Gostaria que ele fosse banido, obrigado pela atenção! O Nick dele é "naosougringo". coloquei novamente agora porque bugou o nome depois da postagem. Estou editando.
  2. Perun

    Player report

    How to upload photos in player report option? I have some photos od a flying player but I don't know how to post the picitures..?
  3. 1. Wooden signs (to color, make art, or label with clan tags). Ranging from small -50 wood to craft, medium 100 wood to craft and large signs 200 wood to craft. Maybe make it lockable so no one can color/edit over or just tc accessible. 2. Stone walls (not climb able). 3. More items to buy in the shop (other than just Christmas items) (The wooden signs would be a big hit for sure!) People can craft a ton, make a art gallery or decorate their bases (inside and out). We could hold contests for best art ❤ or exchange in game currency (metal/sulfer) for a master artist to paint. The sky's the limit with wooden signs. Thanks for reading.
  4. I dunno how to explain it other than showing the video. And I have other witnesses that say he's hacking with 2 other players. On server eu 8. ☆EPEC☆ but with different formated letters. VID_162380430_233844_954.mp4
  5. Pls get Increase the power of the weapon Because enemy get scape whith leather set our left game beacuse game no have sleep mod and the guns damage is low In my opinion, do a few things 1_increase the power of the guns our Reduce the make ammo 2_pls get mode sleep for pvp enemys left game cant kill 3_pls create c4 for game
  6. Why should I play our make gun when enemy get left game because damage and game nit have sleep mod how get pvp?
  7. My name is in game darkspy The hammer is bug no have upgrade buttom i get delete game and reinstall but its not fix
  8. For 2 days now, I've been getting this (pic attached) I've uninstalled and installed but I keep getting this msg. I'm just trying to play w/my fwriends.
  9. Perun

    Team chat

    This game needs to have team chat, because in the global chat you can t say code, and some informations that are just in the circle od the team. Btw anticheat is working perfect now keep it up and you will see the results...
  10. please resolve as soon as possible. you said it was my ping, isn't it? look at my recordings. When I spend a long time on a server, that happens, I can't log in and I forgive everything. I wait for a solution Screen_Recording_20211227-075136_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4
  11. Please turn on the sleep system If the server is lagging you can get hide the players one day more sleeping,i just need sleep system for pvp
  12. Please turn on the sleep system If the server is lagging you can get hide the players one day more sleeping,i just need sleep system for pvp
  13. Please increase the power of the gun The gun damage is lowe and enemys get scape Due to enemy can easy make set leather and you need get so damaget and enemy get left game our get scape
  14. clone


    Dev pls bring a new update ( if it's just some bug fix it's ok ) now cheaters are increasing day by day i and my team uncounted wall hacker today .If you bring update it's will be impossible to bring new hacks .I hope you will get .If you keep updating the game , it will be hard to hack the game .
  15. Makam


    Suggestion Hello dear group service We had a request that if you could give an update to the game and build a server. We are a big group from Iran and we always follow your games
  16. I'm disappointed in you, I stopped playing because I can't get into the server please resolve this error. and also put a Brazilian server. I'm deeply sad VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4
  17. Screen_Recording_20211227-075136_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4
  18. Kleitin


    (Firstly sorry for the English I'm using translator) I put all the resources that my office asks for and even so it continues to decay
  19. Kleitin


    (Firstly sorry for the English I'm using translator) I'm having a HUGE problem with the office, I'm from Brazil, I don't know if anything changes, but the time the office shows is all wrong! I was out of the game for eight minutes and he took an hour and seven minutes off the game, please fix that! follow images below:
  20. Will my Christmas not be playing as I imagined?
  21. read the chats in the photo ! the evidence is clear, he even said he was a hacker translates from Portuguese to English, I hope he gets banned because I've seen him flying and everything. I also hope I don't let people clone the game and create new accounts.
  22. Me and my BRAZILIAN clan have two weeks without logging into your game due to the unstoppable hacker attack that destroyed our bases and broke through our IRON walls, I would like to ask if they are working on something to improve this and if we will have something to contain these hacks, which go through walls, run 3x faster, and have infinite life, do we have developers working on it? (And if possible, I would like an answer from the developers and not from the game's admirers, I am also an admirer and I know it has only two adms, I already know it has a private life, I already know what SOME insist on defending, I JUST I want to know something from the developers to see if I end the clan or we can return) Currently our clan is composed of 17 people ALL Brazilian, also waiting for a sevidor for us! Thanks for listening.
  23. Assalamualaikum. I have some suggestions for you in the game. 1. Enlarge the map Add lots of woods, and more. 2. Building Add garage doors, triangles, window glass, Turrets, clan walls, shopping orders. Add also so we can build on water. And on sand or uneven ground. 3. Clan Add clan mode so we can have one house without 2,3,4,5 doors for each. It made it difficult for us to create a clan base. And add green over the head if we are too out of sight. 4. Server If possible, can you add an Asian server. That's because, some Asian players will lag when playing on US, EU servers. Ing too bad when we diservee US and UE. 5. Raid If an attacker has launched a rocket into the wall of our house, can you make the crates, furnace, tc, anvil and others destroyed in the blink of an eye? If you want to make it crumble too, can you add a bag containing the contents of the crate, tc, anvil, furnace and others. 6. Button report Add a button to report the player and a button about the mistakes he made to make it more enjoyable for you as a developer. Maybe that's all I can say. I also represent other players who may be like -minded with me. Good luck. Assalamualaikum