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  1. I remove this ridiculous game because hackers kill us in 3 seconds, you can't control this game, so please sell the game because I really bored for hackers because I remember there are hackers in the game From old times like speed cheat wall hack, aimbot, aimkill
  2. Cheater witch aimbot and fly hack i dont how sent photo but i have hes id Name: [T1]~dark~ ID:1F7AE0ED86BD1DAB PLEASE BAN HEM WE CANT PLAY NORMAL
  3. Hacker in eu3 2A0D6E97560B9B00
  4. Two cheater in eu3 witch aimkill Their first name was [140] They killed me and my teammates in 3 seconds BCF483FE22ED9C54 3EA9B9CC7B3D4F67
  5. Cheater in eu3 he kill me and my friends in 10sc witch ak he always kicking hes self he have aim kill pls ban hem we lost 6rocket and 300 5.56 ID:43577A3FAAF21E8A Name:i think pelma_ THANKS