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  1. TGT is a brand new clan that is as bad a Hanz! They do the same thing as nazi and are making others feel bad.
  2. This is why he should be banned.
  3. Dear Creators, Hanz also known as shadow fox or glitchtrap should be banned. He is so rude to others and he make my friends quit. I really wish he would be different but I guess not. Stalin is also helping him by spreading hate and destruction in sandbox. Also I can't wait until the UPDATE. From A Good Boi, Ink Boi
  4. This is who he is. He is rude and cyber bullies all the time.
  5. Ink Boi

    Afy is USSR

    He wants clans to be destroyed but not his. He is the mean USSR.
  6. So by being rude to others is helping the community.
  7. I agree on this to. The kick button ruins the game. It would be best if you take it off.
  8. Dear Catsbit, Every clan in this fan need to be banned. They do nothing but ruin the game. Certain clans like USSR,Døn,Nazi,KKK and Srs just to name a few raid other servers and cyber bully.Its not fair they get to bully others and act like they rule the game. I hope you read this. Sincerely, Ink Boi
  9. I can't wait until the next update. Good job y'all
  10. And don threaten me or I will have police look into your account.
  11. And your the leader of rasict nazi
  12. Not true they kicked me a while back
  13. USSR bullied me and kicked because I was new
  14. You have to give proof so they get in trouble. You can't just say the bully you. You have to say what they did.