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  1. Hey admin Can you ban This cheater its obivous climb to get Inti base and aimkill with revi thanks you His id : 26B42BE17A53AA3B
  2. Level 9 Hacker aimkill proof with vidéo killed 3 people in 1 second with rev Id 9D5C66CF0976BE0C
  3. Hey admin iv been posting of this hacker level 15+ many Times but no reply watch the proof and thanks you 🙏🏻 ID : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F
  4. Russkov

    Hacker US2

    @Catsbit.Care this player IS over level 15 he playing with cheat is iusses Come raid us everytime with his Friends cheaters too Thanks you
  5. Hey admin Can you ban This hacker climb thé wall Id : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F Proof
  6. Hacker US 2 level 15 climb Id : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F Proof
  7. Hacker US 2 level 15 climb Id : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F
  8. You got to look at US2 its full of hackersadmin Can you accepte m'y post thanks you! 7BB9AF087D3576E4 921B7A4F34507DEB They using aimkill croush climb
  9. Hacker US2 aimkill and speed Hack Id : E804ABD94CFBC6CD Proof
  10. Fix your levels i was in level 10 so close when i got kicked in server it rest at half of level 9 !!! Fix yours bugs