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  1. Lofiiiii

    Update 2023

    If u want to play rust on mobile better download roblox and play trident survival its way more better than oxide
  2. Lofiiiii

    Update 2023

    Я надеюсь,что разраб добавит чето годное и без фри моделек.
  3. Litteraly my nickname doesnt show up in chat and it always glitches i want to change it to Midnight还真是 Heres id:A0D64B1 ADCFE0515
  4. I want to change my nickname to マンモスの一員 My id A0D64B1 AOCFE0515
  5. https://youtu.be/7XK6zCvrHbg eu 71 aimkill
  6. https://youtu.be/vlgtRo8R9-M Eu aimbot
  7. Player 78Россия saying bad thing about parents