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    Update on update?
  2. I cannot express my opinion on the internet about cheating, and creating cheats. Might end up in jail over it ? I can tell you that the little bastards are on youtube selling it.
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    New forum tab?

    Sorry folks, been working a lot lately. Gotta make the ching ching. Im waiting for the new update whenever it is. Im sure it will be great.
  4. Homed in on me with esp, high dmg bullet hack instantly while in full metal armor
  5. Ez going group must speak english. RULES no cheating Team Work required (occasional farming/role assignment) No polotics/Racism in chat or discord. Once Per Day Log In Discord Mandatory Plans for future squad play ( serious tactics and strategy) for mature dedicated players. Plans for casual players living quarters and furnaces. Reply to this thread for interview.
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    New forum tab?

    Hows your day going?
  7. IllWIll

    New forum tab?

    What ever is quick and easy for you. Thanks!
  8. IllWIll

    New forum tab?

    Quick and easy to use ? please and thanks.
  9. IllWIll

    New forum tab?

    Can we have a forum tab for clan recruiting? Also any english speaking players want to team? Reply here. I play often when not working.
  10. Was in my base so dont know who. Official 6. Kid has a rapid eco raid hack.
  11. IllWIll

    why cheat

    Im positive the devs do not support cheating. It hurts their business. What I like about the dev is that they ban cheaters a lot. Fill out reports, take screen shots and be patient, the game is not yet complete, and they cant admin 24/7.
  12. You can open items behind an armored door from the very bottom of the door ?
  13. If hacking was not out of control, i would agrea with a timer. But when Mr ESP follows you accross the map, knows exactly where your tc is, and can instant kill you, or misses zero shots... the only thing a legit player can do is DC. Taking DC away before the hacking is dealt with, will only assist the hackers... and hurt legit players...
  14. Until hacking, esp harrassment, high bullet damage, aim assist, big head mode etc are dealt with, i sincerely hope you dont add pvp timer... it is the only current defense against hacking. Adding pvp timer will make sure the hacker gets his kill. Same thing with raid timer. what we need are things and additions that help legit players against the hackers. Like give us ladders, so even legit players can get to a roof, or give us spikes on walls, or spikes we can put on our roofs. Making every gun have a laser that shows exaxtly where you are pounting will also help with video evidence to show hacking. The people complaining about DC etc... are likely the ones who arw using third party programs anyway, and dont want their advantage taken away. The best advice any dev should take PLAY YOUR GAME as tho you where a customer.
  15. Official 6 High damage bullets. Killed me more or less instantly at distance while i was in full metal armor. Im done playing until you fix this. And im pissed off to have spent like 40 bucks on your game. I could have eaten several times for that... seriously wtf...
  16. From other people on the server, sounds like high damage bullet hack, and i am suspecting it works on bases as well... Why cant you complain to youtube where they advertise these hacks and tell them its ruining your business?????
  17. Just now instant killed me official #6 while i was in full armor.
  18. IllWIll

    Found a bug

    Found a bug u dont want me to make public. How to post without telling everyone and it being a problem? Also r rumor of wipe this month true? Is there a wipe schedual?
  19. Im giving your game a break until we get spikes on high walls, or the hacking problem is under control. I honestly regret making purchases, cause I cannot even use heli without getting dc when i try to exit heli, and buggy. I hope you do something... anything... soon
  20. Unloaded about 150 rounds into him, he stopped moving, i put two rifle shots in his head and he didnt die. He then disapeared, but apparently did not dc because he was still on the player list close to the top. Was in full armor, but still...
  21. Once again cannot so much as log onto a server without being harrassed the moment I log on by spider man. No idea eho it is because i cannot leave the base, not even in my compound... Screw reporting and nothing ever getting solved or banned... Give me the ability to change or hide my name and online status. And put damaging spikes onto the tops of high walls. Or give us barbed wire for our roofs... anti cheat will never... ever... work. Give us tools and building options in game to counter these hacks.
  22. See last comment about glitch
  23. Not inconvenient. Just wondering if possible. I dont have a second 1000 dollar phone lol. I did find a glitch today that i dont want to publicly tell everyone. How to post without everyone knowing??
  24. If its allowed, id like to not be at a disadvantage to the other players and be able to do so as well. It doesnt seem like there is a way for even a family member to use the same phone and play their account. It also kind of defeats the purpose of the game. Ive started raiding more lately having finally come up with a base defense that works longer then 1 day as a solo, and the loot has been terrible lol. I assume they log off with it.
  25. IllWIll

    Name changing

    Just want to confirm 100% there is no way to change a name in game or log in with an alt.... Once again being harrassed every time I come online, because they can see me both in the online list... and with esp at a distance... Please... let us change our names...