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About Me

Found 31 results

  1. Recorded hacker on 23 eu server,here is proofs and id,his nickname is ?($)
  2. Joni


    Привет, я бы хотел узнать, я нахожусь в России, если я куплю на другом аккаунте услугу из Доната? Который зарегистрирован через впн? , шапку или коптер, вы сможете перенести на мой основной
  3. Magic bullets hack,only headshot,6 in a row ,I haven’t any proofs because I Don’t have Time to record it,please check it and permanent ban
  4. Сервер 23,бесконечные оскорбления в сторону родни,буллинг и унижение начинающих игроков,прошу забанить игрока навсегда
  5. Uses ar and aimbot dead in 2 seconds
  6. ?Im not a cheater plz unbanned my acc my name acc it pilipino plz unbanned
  7. Hacker using aimbot plz banned him my friend disconnected bc of hacker plz banned
  8. Hacker on EU 38. 800B926FD1B7D381 is the player ID ban him
  9. I propose to make the number of people on the server more, at least 25 more people, otherwise it is very difficult to find people with whom you can fight
  10. ============================= Good afternoon, KATSBIT ? I have a problem with my nickname. I would like to change it, if it's not difficult for you, please help me :3 ============================= ((Sorry for my English, I'm Ukrainian and had to translate the text into English)) ? ============================= My ID Profile: LOWER ? 1F0B540E7D80BDD1 1FOB54OE7D80BDD1 ============================= New desired nickname: eto zhe psix ============================= ((There is either zero "0" or the letter "O", I did not understand)) ============================= PROOF: LOWER ?
  11. Hacker aim kill Ops: i recorded this hacker using aim kill and killing myself but i am not able to publish on the site Id hacker : 90AE6B07A0B40A2B
  12. You developers could create an option to create your own server with 50 players and have a password, have spectator mode for the server creator, this would be a way to end hackers,
  13. Pague por el servidor prime para evitar los (piratas informaticos) y no puedo jugar el servidor que pésimo servicio brindan tengo 2 cuentas con el servidor prime y en ninguna me deja entrar quieren por favor hacer algo por este juego y reparar esos bugs
  14. I have kicking by anti-cheat every minute. I am not cheating. But system don't think like that. Good update, but this... Better if you, dear developers, make the moderation system. Sorry if take mistakes, I am Russian. Game name: ЯТИМХАНА Your's GREY.
  15. When is the next planned update, and what could we expect? Your game is becoming extremely popular. I think not only should servers be bigger, but maybe a few admins moderating, possible a scope for the rifle but make it expensive or like you have to defeat some type of npc. I also suggest teams in game so you can see their blue logo above and etc.