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  1. ??☝ Thats real talk.
  2. YoChech


    По факту
  3. Or devs can improove anticheat system or something doing with cheaters for example,then we can play with exit timer. Idk,but in my opinion thats better to kill other players knowing that they wont leaving the game. More interesting.?
  4. It is better to add slippers then, as regular players will be able to retaliate against hackers. They can kill hackers in the night in their own sleep ? And then they can take all stuff back and then using cheats will be more unsuccessful idea ?
  5. Yes,the timer is a better option
  6. Скорее всего у них есть дела важнее, всë таки они работают над обновлением,очень сложно следить за всем сразу. Помимо этой игры у них еще 4 игры ?
  7. Когда будет набор от разрабов,тогда и сможешь попытаться стать крутым админом?
  8. YoChech


    Dont trust other players,trust only devs. Wait news from them...Be patient bro?
  9. Proof: Id: 5AF5167670B79E43
  10. I hope that this game finally will be on the top of play market and i wish u more positive updates. Best wishes to u and ur game;)