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  1. Trash game! @Catsbit.Care please go to server #65 and check. 1 server to 10 hackers why not fix hack @Catsbit.Care this is the 5th time in a day i died by hacker. he shot me with only 2 bullets while I was wearing a full set of metal armor. Do you make games without playing games to see if players are happy or angry? Cherish your game if you don't want players to throw it away. Thank!
  2. @Catsbit.CarePlease respond to my recommendations!
  3. - If you want a better game then ban it. I have reported 2 times with no response so please reconsider. thanks! Name him: 《TamPon》
  4. Why am I not banned? this player hack but not ban? Do you want your game to grow?Please ban these scums. Thanks!