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  1. Og peace will u make a video of a gameplay in this game No its not a copy of survival simulator its like a replica for rust
  2. Loot dead bodies,Wall upgrade (stone and metal),add workbenches example workbench level 1 is for syringes to restore health workbench level 2 for guns workbench level 3 explosives like satchels and c4,make the wooden spear and iron spear melee,add codelocks,rename guns like assault rifle to ak 47 shotgun to spas 12 hunting rifle to L96,add scopes for weapons,add barrels to find scrap,add monuments like supermarket oil rig and dome there we can find weapons and loot,add crates for loot,add voice chat that would be cool,add anti cheat triggers when jumping too high fast speed craft even with no amount resources,add some new guns like m2 mp5 and smg,add sensevity,add vehicles like boats to get to oil rig mini helicopter and scrap helicopter and truck,add some animals like horses and add bags for the horses also bring back chicken also add where you can only get the meat bones and cloth by hitting it with tools,add things you can recycle like metal signs for scrap and metal tar for cloth,add some new clothing aaaand yeah hope these stuff gets added soon