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  1. Update will be come in 2035 its true
  2. PIGGY!!


    When u will update this game with bugs fix and looting dead body its been 1 months that u did not update i really wanna quit this game cuz of bugs!!
  3. PIGGY!!

    More weapons

    Thx bro now i know how to respawn on bed :)))
  4. so add zombies in survival simulater so that will be more like THE FOREST
  5. PIGGY!!

    More weapons

    but when i die im not respawn on the sleeping bag
  6. PIGGY!!


    Fix the lag pls its lagging so mush can't even aim sometime and controll is so hard for melee fight and its more lag than codm :((
  7. PIGGY!!

    More weapons

    And should add if we make bed we will respawn on bed
  8. PIGGY!!

    More weapons

    Should add more axe and add stone pickaxe and more weapons and hope we can upgrade a wall with stone and iron and add ledder and spike from survival simulater and add like we can loot dead body kepp working pls :))
  9. PIGGY!!


    Yup that what we need