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  1. he doesn't even care about us
  2. It will be more compatible if you throw the player instead of the Complaint.
  3. AsafXLory


    Bide bi takip et mis topluluk itibarim artar
  4. AsafXLory


    Berat zorlama kanka bende zorluyorum forumda ama zort oluyorum.
  5. Do you think this claim is true? @Catsbit.Bakım
  6. I totally agree, no one can claim otherwise.
  7. We will see in the claim of the Russians on May 14-15. I hope we are not as disappointed as the previous claim. Please express your reactions with Emojis.
  8. Sorry mate but everyone is sharing this post similarly. There are many threads on the forum from the same suggestion, and most or almost none of them have been answered.
  9. I would like to point out that I am not the one who coded the cheat. I'm using the cheat. If there are meaningless errors in what I write, it is thanks to Google Translate.
  10. I don't think you have the right to talk more about this subject.
  11. Can you tell me what advantage a player has over someone using cheats? The trick is to keep Target Locking as is. What more can you do? and you can't blame me for cheating on VS. Moreover, something that shows that you are authorized here, do not speak as if you are judging on your own.
  12. Thanks to the game's optimization and my device I can't get it.
  13. Is it a guardian of the hereafter who says this? Ha?