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  1. Ok nvm its not dead but fuck server nukers makes sb3d look dead
  2. i noticed that there are hackers that are able to delete servers and make them no longer useable and fuck you hackers and if you are an hacker, fuck you too
  3. Its called a green zone it was added for a reason to prevent glitches or whatever
  4. tanic2

    Starting to die

    right now there are some motherfucking server bombers that starting to take down a server And now It feels like the popularity plummeted (sorta) I tried to make a server refuge but it suffered the same fate as the other servers
  5. Cubic sandbox is dead bruh sandbox 3d is dying soon don’t make me go to the stupid ass games
  6. it is dead there are not alot of players
  7. I found a new news topic and couldn’t find the things that the OP said And is it dead? no, well its is dying but maybe catsbit will keep working on it, off road sim is dead, cubic sandbox is dead and sb3d, survival sim will be the next victim sb3d might be taken down because of the last news topic for now, its is dead
  8. I tried to find what you mentioned but couldn’t find it
  9. tanic2

    Need for sandbox

    Why do we need nextbots?